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IU Football Is Back: Top QB Recruit Signs with Indiana

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(Sports Illustrated)–“It was just the best fit for me,” Kiel said a few hours before making his decision on a trip to Indiana with his parents. “I woke up having that gut feeling and felt really good about it and my parents were excited about it too.”

As a junior, Kiel threw for nearly 2,700 yards and 36 touchdowns while rushing for another 600 yards and eight scores. Ranked by 247Sports as the nation’s 10th overall prospect, he plans to graduate from high school a semester early to enroll on campus in January, just days after he caps his prep career as an Under Armour All-American.

He will join his brother Dusty, a current redshirt sophomore quarterback, at Indiana. The older Kiel is the favorite to win the Hoosiers’ starting quarterback job this fall.  “The thing that kind of stood out to me the most about Indiana is I have family over there,” Kiel said. “Having a brother playing the same position as me, at first I thought that was a negative but I realized it’s such a positive. Nobody is going to have my back more than him. He’s going to help me go over the playbook and I’ll probably learn it a lot quicker with him helping me.”

Little brothers are such a pain in the ass.  Dusty Kiel is up at Indiana just doing his thing.  Waiting to crack the lineup when his snot nosed little brother decides to just tag along rather than go to his choice of BCS contenders. Why would anybody go to Indiana when they could write their ticket to any real school in the country if he wasn’t just trying to be a pain in the ass?


PS: Choosing Indiana over Notre Dame is like turning down Kate Upton to go out with Khloe Kardashian

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Alright, seriously Bears…WTF?

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Alright…wtf is going on up at Halas Hall? Is Jerry Angelo on strike or something? I mean I love Dane Sazenbacher as much as the next guy, but seriously all Jerry Angelo has done is sign guys that they didn’t want 3 months ago in the draft.  Right as the lockout was getting settled all anyone would talk about was how much capspace the Bears had.  They have like 37 million dollars just burning a hole in their pocket and they’ve done nothing with it.  There’s a ton of great WRs out on the market…Sidney Rice? The guy who torches us twice a year? nah fuck that guy… pass. Let him go to Seattle.  Santonio Holmes…who needs him when we could just go after his teammate Brad Smith? O-Line sucks, but lets just let the only somewhat competent guy we have walk to San Francisco. Real solid move.   I would have bet money that their phone system was knocked out by all these storms until the rumor came out that they are calling other teams to trade TE Greg Olsen.  It just makes NO sense.  Why trade him now?  It’s not like they are going to get a player of value back for him.  They are going to get a mid round draft pick so they can draft some asshole out of Abilene Christian and replace Olsen with nothing.  I am not liking what I am seeing for the Bears.  Cutler is going to lose his center/leader and then also lose his TE/best friend on the team?  Cutler just ended an engagement.  The guy must be a wreck. He needs Olsen now more than ever.

The Bears have to spend money…and won’t.  They need OL help…so they let their best one walk away.  They need more weapons on offense…so they trade their best receiving TE?  Someone please explain this to me.  Its like Jerry Angelo is tanking this shit on purpose.  The Bears were one gutless cheap shot on Cutler’s MCL from the Superbowl and now I feel like they are staring 0-3 in the face. Atlanta, New Orleans, and then Green Bay is no way to start the season when your team only has like 30 guys on it.  Sign someone, anyone…please.  Get off your ass and get on the phone.

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So Long Fukedome…Traded to Cleveland

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Fukedome was highly recruited throughout the country several years ago…he came to Chicago…and its safe to say that his career has been a disappointment.

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Wait…When Was I At The Rhianna Concert?

July 27, 2011 3 comments

If I didn’t know any better I’d say that this guy is me.  This video was shot July 23rd at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.  I have never been to Philadelphia and I am still not 100% sure that this isn’t me.  Anybody who knows me knows that I LOVE dancing to “Single Ladies” by Beyonce.  In terms of my top dance jams its right up there with “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston.  I just slay this song every time it comes on at a wedding, bar, or in my car.  Its my song.  This guy even kind of looks like me(I think I might be an inch taller…and a lot sweatier).  If by some chance this guy isn’t me, then he certainly did me proud.  The guy was just dripping in swag.  Popping and locking, nailing the choreography, and making the 17000 girls in the stadium weak in the knees.  I just can’t believe these jealous little skruts doing the filming.  First of all, HOW DARE YOU try to make fun of him. The guy killed it.  Show some respect.  Second, YOU ARE AT A RHIANNA CONCERT!!! Put down your phone and join the dance party.  They did get one thing right though.  The sexbomb girls in the row behind were with him.  Dancing=Sex.  This guy knows how to bring it.

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The Only Thing Mike Quade Knows Less About Than Baseball Is Math

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“We might come out of this road trip in real good shape as far as how we play here. And if we do (well), there’s still a lot of baseball left. I take nothing for granted and put nothing past these guys. We won three in a row against Houston so let’s see if we can’t win tonight and go from there. Why not? What are we- 11 (games) back? What if you win 10 out of 12? Who the hell knows? It’s an interesting division to be in that situation. What is there? Sixty games left? Let’s play them and see. I concede nothing. We’re going to play, and we’ll see what happens. Daunting task. Four teams in front of you. We haven’t played well. But why not?”— Mike Quade

I have been in Mike Quade’s corner all year long.  The team sucks.  William Wallace couldn’t even motivate these guys.  However, the guy has to get fired not because they are losing, but because he is obviously a moron.  He can’t even do basic math.  Why not Mike? That’s your question?  Hmmm…let me see…well the team sucks and they have won three straight games exactly one time this year so a 10 of 12 run is highly unlikely.  Just for kicks though, lets forget that the Cubs are fucking terrible and say the Cubs win at that rate for the rest of the year.  That’s a winning percentage of .833.  That would give the Cubs 49 wins in their final 59 games.  49 more wins would put them at 91 for the season…probably still not enough.
I would seriously rather have this guy managing the Cubs…


PS: Are Quade and Charlie Villanueva related?


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Is Andrew Luck a sneaky Kyle Orton Fan?

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Hey Andrew Luck, get it together buddy.  You are well on your way to being the first Heisman winner and number one overall draft pick that is too ugly to get laid.  There’s a reason why Kyle Orton puts up really good numbers and everyone still thinks he sucks…its because he looks like a homeless guy.  You need to be less Kyle Orton and more Tom Brady.


PS: Orton is better than McNabb


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Bears Clinch Second Place in NFC North and Cutler Is No Longer The Fattest QB in Division

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I hate to hate a Chicago guy like Donovan McNabb, but he just plain sucks.  The Vikings trading for McNabb is the best thing that ever could have happened for the Bears.  If the Vikings had been able to get someone like Hasselback to be Christian Ponder’s stable pony this year then the Vikings could have been a challenge.  Instead they traded for a washed up, noodle arm, fat guy who is delaying the deal to the Vikings because “they aren’t showing him enough love”.  McNabb sucks so bad that he got benched for Rex Grossman.  The Vikings are a joke.  Sidney Rice should get on the first plane out of town and Adrian Peterson should follow him next year. The Vikings’ stadium is so tired of having bad football that it tried to kill itself last year.  Lions will finish ahead of Minnesota this season, remember where you heard it.


PS: The Vikings only gave a 6th round pick to Washington to get McNabb.  I feel like McNabb is the sports world equivalent of the MySpace. MySpace was cool for a while around 2005. MySpace sells for $550m in like 2006 and sold this year for $35m.  Washington trades a 2nd and a 4th round draft pick for McNabb last year and turns around deals him for a 6th rounder 16 months later.  I am not sure which franchise is more pathetic, Washington for giving a shit load for him when there was a chance he was still good, or Minnesota for thinking that he is STILL good.

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