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What do you think this says about the knowledge of hockey fans in AZ?

April 18, 2012 Leave a comment

And people wonder why the Coyotes are moving to Quebec City.

PS: Kind of annoyed that ESPN even thought to ask this question.

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Crazy roller coaster season season comes to an end. Only one thing left to do for the Blackhawks

April 7, 2012 Leave a comment

Win the whole fucking thing.  Toews comes back and Crawford keeps playing the way he has there isn’t a team in the Western Conference the Blackhawks can’t beat.  Playoff time. Let’s go boys. SING IT KELLY!!!

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Why John Scott is great

December 21, 2011 Leave a comment


Look, I know John Scott isn’t exactly Paul Coffee out there but he can be on my team any day.  He is a guy that will always stand up for his teammates and his mere presence ensures that the other team doesn’t run around like dickheads.  Scott also seems to be a real character that can keep the room loose.  I don’t want him in there every night, but as a 13th forward and/or 7th defenseman you can ask for much more.


PS: Shanaban coming for Engeland for sure.


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This is what happens when The Blackhawks let other teams win the Stanley Cup

August 30, 2011 4 comments



Alright, so much for sharing.  The one year the Blackhawks dynasty lets another team win the Stanley Cup and this is what happens.


PS: Of course a Newfie dropped it.


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Roenick Is Obnoxious: Remake of NHL ’95 scene from Swingers

August 17, 2011 Leave a comment

I don’t know why, but I felt obligated to post this lame ass video. I really can’t stand JR. Like, enough already. Roenick and Pierre McGuire both need to be removed from NBC Hockey broadcasts.

PS: Roenick is without a doubt the greatest video game athlete ever. That whole team was stacked on NHL ’95. Belfour in net, Chelios cracking skulls, and Roenick being an unstoppable force.

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Well…It took me about 30 seconds to fall in love with Dan Carcillo

August 9, 2011 1 comment

“I watched that [playoff] series and certain guys that don’t play the way they usually play can get away with it in the playoffs because there is no fighting in the playoffs.  I’m going to have to try and get them to answer the piper. … There are a few guys that played outside their shoes. I think I can keep most of those guys in check when we play them this year. Max Lapierre, Tanner Glass and Raffi Torres. Lapierre is at the top of the list, though. The biggest thing that Stan and I have talked about is to get that attitude back and that push back, you know that kind of ‘screw you attitude.’ “–Dan Carcillo


I have hated Dan Carcillo for years and I wasn’t particularly thrilled that he would be joining the 2011-12 Chicago Blackhawks.  All of that was wiped away with one little sound bite.  What’s that Dan? You hate the Canucks? Specifically Max Lapierre and Raffi Torres? Well, welcome to the family!!! Doesn’t even matter that Torres isn’t on the team anymore.  I just love that Carcillo is willing to call out the Canucks for being completely gutless.  The Hawks didn’t have enough grit last year, and Carcillo brings sand to go with the skill and swag on the rest of the roster.  The Blackhawks are looking good heading into 2011-12, and still have some flexibility to add a piece(2nd line center) if needed during the year.


PS: I still miss you Adam Burish


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The Cap Hit on Patrick Sharp’s New Deal

August 8, 2011 Leave a comment

I didn’t really see the details of Patrick Sharp’s new deal posted anywhere, but is showing that Sharp will make an average of 5.9m over the length of the five-year deal.  It’s a higher hit than I would have liked, but I still love this deal.  It’s at just about fair market value when you compare him to similar players around the league.  Sharp is also a big time leader and versatile player who contributes at wing, center, defense on the power-play, and he also kills penalties.  This is how you handle a contract negotiation for a player that is important to your team on and off the playing surface.  Jerry Angelo…I am looking in your direction.

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