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There’s a 200% Lindsay Lohan reads my blog

(UsMagazine)–Lindsay Lohan is doing everything she can to make her big  comeback happen, including returning to her natural red hair color. Less than a week after her Saturday Night Live hosting gig, the  25-year-old actress revealed her light copper ‘do and what appears to be a fresh  set of extensions in Beverly Hills, Calif. Thursday. “She’s been telling me for months that she wanted to go back to red, but she  was just waiting for the right time,” the star’s colorist Tracey Cunningham told Us Weekly. Lohan has changed her color several times throughout her career, going from  red to blonde to dark brown to black with several shades in between, before  settling on the platinum shade she stuck to until now.

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?!?!?! Just eight short days ago I blogged about Lindsay Lohan’s come back attempt…“Even when she is coming off a 72-hr sex and cocaine binge, you can still see “Mean Girls” Lindsay in there somewhere.  Welcome back LL.  PS: Go back to the red.” I told Lindsay and the world that she needs to go back to red and I have delivered!!! Farewell platinum blonde coke whore.  Welcome home red-headed wholesome Irish girl.  And just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.  You’re welcome America.

The only question now is, who isn’t reading this blog?  I mean Lindsay is a reader, Bill Simmons is a reader, you’re a reader…now I just need about 100,000 more readers a day.  Let’s take this thing viral.


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  1. Michaela
    March 9, 2012 at 5:54 pm

    you like the whoreish pre cocaine lindsay

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