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The Only Thing Mike Quade Knows Less About Than Baseball Is Math

July 27, 2011 Leave a comment


“We might come out of this road trip in real good shape as far as how we play here. And if we do (well), there’s still a lot of baseball left. I take nothing for granted and put nothing past these guys. We won three in a row against Houston so let’s see if we can’t win tonight and go from there. Why not? What are we- 11 (games) back? What if you win 10 out of 12? Who the hell knows? It’s an interesting division to be in that situation. What is there? Sixty games left? Let’s play them and see. I concede nothing. We’re going to play, and we’ll see what happens. Daunting task. Four teams in front of you. We haven’t played well. But why not?”— Mike Quade

I have been in Mike Quade’s corner all year long.  The team sucks.  William Wallace couldn’t even motivate these guys.  However, the guy has to get fired not because they are losing, but because he is obviously a moron.  He can’t even do basic math.  Why not Mike? That’s your question?  Hmmm…let me see…well the team sucks and they have won three straight games exactly one time this year so a 10 of 12 run is highly unlikely.  Just for kicks though, lets forget that the Cubs are fucking terrible and say the Cubs win at that rate for the rest of the year.  That’s a winning percentage of .833.  That would give the Cubs 49 wins in their final 59 games.  49 more wins would put them at 91 for the season…probably still not enough.
I would seriously rather have this guy managing the Cubs…


PS: Are Quade and Charlie Villanueva related?


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