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Alright, seriously Bears…WTF?

July 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Alright…wtf is going on up at Halas Hall? Is Jerry Angelo on strike or something? I mean I love Dane Sazenbacher as much as the next guy, but seriously all Jerry Angelo has done is sign guys that they didn’t want 3 months ago in the draft.  Right as the lockout was getting settled all anyone would talk about was how much capspace the Bears had.  They have like 37 million dollars just burning a hole in their pocket and they’ve done nothing with it.  There’s a ton of great WRs out on the market…Sidney Rice? The guy who torches us twice a year? nah fuck that guy… pass. Let him go to Seattle.  Santonio Holmes…who needs him when we could just go after his teammate Brad Smith? O-Line sucks, but lets just let the only somewhat competent guy we have walk to San Francisco. Real solid move.   I would have bet money that their phone system was knocked out by all these storms until the rumor came out that they are calling other teams to trade TE Greg Olsen.  It just makes NO sense.  Why trade him now?  It’s not like they are going to get a player of value back for him.  They are going to get a mid round draft pick so they can draft some asshole out of Abilene Christian and replace Olsen with nothing.  I am not liking what I am seeing for the Bears.  Cutler is going to lose his center/leader and then also lose his TE/best friend on the team?  Cutler just ended an engagement.  The guy must be a wreck. He needs Olsen now more than ever.

The Bears have to spend money…and won’t.  They need OL help…so they let their best one walk away.  They need more weapons on offense…so they trade their best receiving TE?  Someone please explain this to me.  Its like Jerry Angelo is tanking this shit on purpose.  The Bears were one gutless cheap shot on Cutler’s MCL from the Superbowl and now I feel like they are staring 0-3 in the face. Atlanta, New Orleans, and then Green Bay is no way to start the season when your team only has like 30 guys on it.  Sign someone, anyone…please.  Get off your ass and get on the phone.

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