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Ex-Girlfriend confirms Obama is effing smooth in the sack

May 2, 2012 1 comment

(Yahoo News)–“The sexual warmth is definitely there—but the rest of it has sharp edges and I’m finding it all unsettling and finding myself wanting to withdraw from it all. I have to admit that I am feeling anger at him for some reason, multi-stranded reasons. His warmth can be deceptive. Tho he speaks sweet words and can be open and trusting, there is also that coolness—and I begin to have an inkling of some things about him that could get to me.”


GOD DAMN OBAMA!!! This guy just can’t be touched.  For the first time in history an ex-girlfriend coming out of the woodwork in an election year is a good thing.  Just bringing sexual warmth, being aloof, and keeping this broad guessing and wanting more like you read about.  Obama is the smoothest cat in the game.  Like him or lump him, but you can’t deny that Obama is the best political athlete of all time.  Doesn’t hurt that the media does all his blocking and tackling, but Obama’s swag can’t be touched.  Romney is dead.


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Obama, you sly dog you. Barry Obama follows @SideBoobOrg on Twitter

April 16, 2012 Leave a comment

(Breitbart)–The verified Twitter account of President Barack Obama has been found to be a follower of the Twitter account @sidebooborg, representing a blog which collects and posts pictures of celebrities whose unadorned breasts are visible in profile. According to the individual who runs the followed account, who only goes by the name “Celebrity Sideboob,” the sides of boobs are a particular passion of his/hers. “If you haven’t already figured this out, I love sideboob and I run a website based on it,” on tweet states. Granted, the President is often not directly involved in the operation of his Twitter account, and nearly 700,000 Twitter users enjoy the honor of being followed by the Commander-in-Chief. One possible explanation for the cheek-reddening discovery is that “Celebrity Sideboob” may have been followed by the @barackobama account under a different, more innocuous name, then switched Twitter handles upon discovering a lucrative outlet for aggregating images of sideboobs. Regardless of the story behind this mystery, one can expect the President’s social media team to receive a stern warning about the optics of Twitter follows. Representing the leader of the free world, one must take every precaution possible to avoid looking like a–well, you get the picture.


Yeah Obama!!!! Who doesn’t love a little side boob shot?  Obama is just such a man of the people I can’t even stand it.  If Romney saw this sideboob site he’d probably start sweating and feeling really guilty.  Confess to his wife that he cheated on her in his mind.  Obama is just so real.  Speeches…tight, campaigning skills…tight, march madness picks…tight.  So what if he can’t fix the economy, the deficit, healthcare, and his basketball game sucks.  The guy single-handedly killed Osama Bin Laden and he digs side boob.  The guy knows what he is doing.  He didn’t fall backwards into the $53 million he raised in March.

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“Osama Bin Laden raid most audacious plan in 500 years”– Joe Biden

March 23, 2012 Leave a comment

(Huffington Post)–“You can go back 500 years. You cannot find a more audacious plan. Never knowing for certain. We never had more than a 48 percent probability that he was there. Do any one of you have a doubt that if that raid failed that this guy would be a one-term president? This guy is willing to do the right thing and risk losing.”–Vice President Joe Biden

Hey, George Washington, Napoleon, Grant, and Ike….tell me how Obama’s ass tastes.  Seriously, Obama just pushed those guys down an elevator shaft.  I mean killing Osama Bin Laden in his Real House Wives of Abbottabad compound makes D-Day look like a stroll on the beach.  Absolute brass balls on Obama.  I mean…what if Bin Laden wasn’t even there?  Can you imagine what would happen…well probably nothing.  In fact I bet that has happened a dozen times.  But still…Obama is the greatest ever obvi.  It’s a miracle that America even existed before Barack Obama took office.  Si se puede…

PS: The blog could get real political today.  Morons like Joe Biden and Senator Dick Durbin have me fired up.  Can’t believe those idiots are running the country.


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Recap of the Obama interview with Bill Simmons

March 1, 2012 1 comment


So Bill Simmons got a sit down interview with The President of The United States.  This absolutely blows my mind.  I am NOT a Simmons guy.  I used to read him pretty religiously, but a few years ago he wrote a blog talking about how great Peyton Manning, Kobe Bryant, and Alex Rodriguez are.  Haven’t read a word since.  He is just a simpleton blogger and he got a sit down with Barack Obama.  I was part disgusted and part intrigued so I decided to give it a listen.  Turns out Obama is even more awesome than he let on.

  • He knew about podcasts before anybody
  • He knew Jeremy Lin was awesome when nobody else did
  • He throws like a girl, but its not his fault.  Nothing is.  He doesn’t get to warm up, he has to wear a bulky bullet-proof vest, and a lot of people are watching which makes him nervous. He throws lightning bolts in practice though.
  • He won the World Series for the White Sox
  • He broke Chris Paul’s ankles

I mean just swag to the nth degree.  Game over GOP.


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Ugh…Obama is so effing cool I can’t even stand it. Singing with BB King

February 23, 2012 Leave a comment



Son of a bitch!!! How the hell are the Republicans supposed to compete with that?  The Presidential election, unfortunately, is a popularity contest.  That’s all.  Employment could be 9.5% for years, gas prices could be $5 per gallon, mandates coming out our ass, and an impending crisis with Iran…none of that matters.  Obama is just the coolest kid on the block.  If you really think one of these three guys can beat him give me some of whatever you’re smoking…


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Like him or leave him, Obama has serious guts

January 25, 2012 2 comments

CNET)–The president used the opportunity of his State of the Union address to say it’s time to “double down” on the concept but pointedly avoided mentioning Solyndra by name. “The payoffs on these public investments don’t always come right away,” Obama said. “Some technologies don’t pan out–some companies fail. But I will not walk away from the promise of clean energy.” Solyndra, which Obama personally touted as a success story in a 2010 visit to the company, became an embarrassment for the administration after its demise last fall. Subsequently released documents showed that politics infused the process, with major donors to Obama discussing the $528 million loan with the White House, and the loan taking place despite the project being rated as “junk” by Standard and Poor’s. The Washington Post reported last month that: “Since the failure of the company, Obama’s entire $80 billion clean-technology program has begun to look like a political liability for an administration about to enter a bruising reelection campaign.”

Say what you will about Obama, but the one thing you can’t deny is that the guy has serious guts.  I mean not just anybody can look America in the eyes and tell them that its time to double down on clean energy projects because the green energy industry has never looked more promising after blowing at least $528 million of tax payer dollars on Solyndra.  It takes certain kind of leader that can convince people to keep gambling when they are that deep in the red.  Steely resolve, ice water in his veins.  Green energy or bust baby.  Who needs that bullshit Keystone Project?  An estimated 20,000 jobs created from the Keystone pipeline across 6 states, bringing 700,000 barrels of crude oil from Canada to the US…EFF.THAT.NOISE.  Give it to China.  America doesn’t need cheaper crude from Canada when we can just get it from the Middle East.  Burning fossil fuels is so 20th century.  Burning money is the new hotness.  Play on player.

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A Couple of Mormon dorks trying to get righteous on a brother

December 13, 2011 Leave a comment

I have watched this video twice and I can only come to one conclusion…Mitt Romney has no chance in the general election vs Barack Obama.  I mean if this isn’t the definition of foreshadowing then I don’t know what is.  You got a couple of nerdy white boys rolling up on their Huffys wearing their helmets trying to preach about some shit and this guy just talks fast and swags the fuck out of them.  The Mormons get heated many times in this video and the black guy just charms them and gets them to keep talking so he can pummel them some more.  It’s like that famous Muhammad Ali fight where Ali refuses to knock his opponent out because the guy wouldn’t call him by his muslim name.  Ali just kept the dude on his feet and kept yelling “Say my mother fucking name, bitch”.  Just tortured the guy.  Romney just doesn’t connect to people and Obama is the coolest kid on the block.  Romney will talk about that time he had a sip of beer once, while Obama will be showing clips of him draining threes in a pick up game with Charles Barkley.  It’s just no comparison.  So Republicans, I am begging you…nominate somebody else besides Romney.  The dude is a square.

PS: It’s cool that I say “brother” right?  I mean Leon gave Larry permission on Curb to use brother so I think I am in the clear.  Just to make sure I am going to check with my black friends though….ok…friend…not plural.

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