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October 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Lots of easy games this week.  Thank you Vegas/Costa Rica.  Parlay these if you want to be a thousandaire by monday morning.

Jacksonville Jaguars +9.5 at Houston Texans

Rumors are that Andre Johnson may suit up for this one, but even if he doesn’t the Texans are covering this spread with ease.  Jacksonville is coming off an emotional upset win where they beat the Ravens in front of dozens of their fans on Monday night.  Short week, on the road, against a division opponent that is getting healthy…

Arizona Cardinals +12.5 at Baltimore Ravens

I would not want to be the Cardinals this week(or any week for that matter, but especially this week) because the Ravens are PISSED.  They just got embarrassed on National TV and will be looking to make a statement in a bounce-back game.  Ravens roll at home.

New Orleans Saints -13.5 at Saint Louis Rams

The Rams suck.  No getting around it.  They are firmly entrenched in the “Suck for Luck” sweepstakes.  Just terrible.  Drew Brees can’t miss right now and the Saints are scoring in the 30s for sure.  Which means the Rams will likely have to score 20+ to cover…ask yourself  ‘Self, do I think the Jay Feeley led Rams can score 3 TDs?’…


New England Patriots -3 at Pittsburgh Steelers

Superstar humanitarian Uggs wearing stud vs a convicted(alleged) rapist…


60% of the time I am right…every time.


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LOCKS OF THE CENTURY: College Football Week 7

October 21, 2011 Leave a comment

I have been pretty much killing it in my picks lately.  Just fleecing the sports books left and right.  Winners on the reg.  Parlay the following picks if you want to be a thousandaire by sunday morning

Wisconsin (-7) at Michigan State

Wisconsin is a well oiled machine at this point and yet the BCS still disrespected them.  The Badgers have plenty of motivation to beat the absolute shit out of an overrated Michigan State team.  The Badgers will roll in this one.

Kansas State (-10.5) at Kansas

Inter-state rivalry game here so the spread is probably a lot smaller than it should be.  Kansas sucks.  I don’t think they could win the MAC conference this year.  K-State just keeps winning.  Undefeated, disrespected, and flying under the radar.

Wake Forest (-3) at Duke


Ok, full disclosure…I don’t know shit about Wake Forest…except that they will beat Duke by more than 3.

Auburn (+21) at LSU

So you’re probably thinking…”Man, what is this guy thinking?!?! He must be crazy“…yeah, crazy like a fox.  I think LSU’s offense is terrible, and Auburn is getting better every day.  I liked this game before LSU suspended a handful of starters for being on drugs.  I don’t think they win, but Auburn covers the 21.

Oklahoma State (-7) at Missouri

I know OKST is on the road, but that doesn’t mean they can’t hang 40+ on Mizzou.  No way the Tigers keep this within a touchdown


That looks like an easy five for five.  60% of the time I am right every time.  Straight cash homie.


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Lock of The Century: NCAA Football Week 3

September 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Well…last week’s “Locks of The Century” didn’t go so well.  Betting  against SEC home dogs is proving to be a terrible idea.  I feel like going 0-2 on those should be enough reason for me to stay away from the LSU @ Mississippi State game…but it just isn’t.  Law of averages says that home dogs can’t cover forever.

LSU -3.5 @ Mississippi State

Alright, couldn’t stay away and I am definitely going with LSU and giving Miss State the 3.5 points.  LSU looked so dominant in their first game against Oregon and Mississippi State really disappointed against a young Auburn team.  LSU is too dominant up front and MSU QB, Chris Relf, can’t throw for shit.  The spread option attack will get destroyed by LSU and they should run away in this thing early.  Great game to kickoff Week 3.  The Pick: LSU


PS: Bonus pick…take the under.  Jarret Lee sucks and MSU is too one dimensional to put up a lot of points against LSU.

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Hump Day Heisman Power Rankings

September 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Second installment of the weekly Heisman rankings as we see it here at Windy Citizen Sports.  Rankings are full of bias and prejudice.


1. Denard Robinson QB Michigan

After getting my heart ripped out as a Notre Dame fan for the second year in a row I have come to realize that there two undeniable truths about Denard Robinson. 1) He sucks.  Robinson is a terrible quarterback. He routinely misses wide open receivers.  He can’t sling it at all and he no future at the position.  2) Robinson is incredible.  Despite the fact that he is a terrible quarterback, Michigan is truly never out of a game when he is under center.  The guy is a magician back there.  Fuck you Denard. Current Vegas Odds to Win Heisman: 7-2

2. Andrew Luck QB Stanford

It’s still Luck’s award to lose.  The Heisman is almost always a quarterback award and if Luck can lead Stanford to double-digit wins and another BCS game then the award should be his.  Still the front-runner as Robinson’s chances to win will fade as Michigan racks up Big Ten losses. Current Odds: 7-2


3. Kellen Moore QB Boise State


Similar to Luck, Kellen Moore could win the Heisman as a lifetime achievement award of sorts.  Moore has put up PlayStation style numbers for his entire career and will more than likely finish his career as the FBS all-time wins leader.  Moore has to lead the Broncos to an undefeated season to give himself a real chance at winning the Heisman.  Moore already has a signature win under his belt as the Broncos won big against Georgia in Atlanta. Current Odds: 10-1


4. Robert Griffin III QB Baylor

RGIII didn’t play week two as the Baylor Bears had a bye week, but he should explode back into the College Football world’s field of vision again this week.  Griffin III is a long shot to win the award because his team simply isn’t good enough, but that doesn’t mean that RGIII can’t be a finalist. The Heisman finalists often include a player who is deemed to be the most talented or most exciting player in the country.  People forget that Randy Moss was a Heisman finalist the year Charles Woodson won it.  Robert Griffin could certainly be that guy this year.  Current Odds: 22-1

5. Montee Ball RB Wisconsin

Montee Ball continues to put up stupid numbers while splitting time with the other elite Wisconsin running back, James White.  Ball went for 118 yards and two TDs while averaging 6.6 yards per carry against a solid Oregon State team.  Wisconsin better not sleep on NIU at Soldier Field this weekend, because that’s a solid football team who knows the Badgers inside and out.  If Ball continues to put up big numbers and Wisconsin continues to steamroll everyone they face, Ball will be a Heisman finalist. Current Odds: 25-1



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July 27, 2011 Leave a comment

NCAA Football win totals are probably my favorite bets of the year…probably because they are the easiest.  Hilton Sports Book in Vegas released their lines this past weekend and they are basically putting an ATM on my front lawn with these.  Easy money.  I also feel a lot smarter when I nail preseason picks.  Six picks to chalk up here.  Too bad you can’t parlay win totals.


Boise State — Win Total Line: 10.5 over(-135) Under(+115)

Normally I would stay away from a win total line higher than 10 for any team, but I love this line.  Kellen Moore is back for a senior season and should be a Heisman Finalist.  The Broncos have only three tough games on the schedule; @Georgia(Georgia Dome), Nevada, and TCU.  Nevada and TCU both have to replace long time starters at quarterback and both of those games will be played on the blue turf.  Playing Georgia in Atlanta will be a tough test, but Boise State historically plays very well against the big boys when given ample time to prepare.  No way the Broncos lose 2 games on their slate provided Moore stays healthy. TAKING OVER(-135)

Virginia Tech— Win Total Line: 10 over(-160) under(+140)

Full disclosure, I was ready to take the under when I saw this line. 10 wins at -160 is not a very attractive line, but then I decided I would actually look at the Hokies’ schedule.  What a cake walk.  They don’t play Florida State and they get Miami, Clemson, Boston College, and UNC at home.  They should be favored in all of those games.  Even though I am not really buying to the hype surrounding VaTech’s new QB, its hard to find two losses on that schedule.  Its either a win or a push at 10 wins.  TAKING OVER(-160)

West Virginia— Win Total Line: 9.5 over(+150) under(-170)

If you had read this blog in the past couple of weeks it’s no secret that I LOVE West Virginia this year.  Geno Smith and Dana Holgorsen are a match made in offense heaven.  They are going to light up the BigEast this season.  The test will come in their non-conference schedule.  West Virginia takes on SEC power LSU and ACC up-and-comer Maryland.  WVU probably splits those games and maybe drops a conference game somewhere along the line.  I just don’t see this team losing three games.  WVU is BCS bound.  TAKING OVER(+150)

USC— Win Total Line: 7.5 over(-130) under(+110)

Look, I hate USC as much as the next guy, but there is absolutely NO chance that they lose 5 games this year.  They are in year two of the Lane Kiffin era, have the best quarterback in the conference(maybe the country) not named Andrew Luck, and they don’t have nearly as many distractions this season.  I only see three losses on the schedule at this point.  @Notre Dame, @Oregon, and home against Stanford.  There other “tough” conference tests come at home.  I am simply not buying Utah and Arizona as real contenders in the Pac12.  USC is still probably the most talented team in the conference and will rebound this year with a 9-3 record. TAKING OVER(-130)

Notre Dame— Win Total Line: 8.5 over(-130) under(+140)

There simply aren’t 4 losses on ND’s schedule this year.  The Irish are returning almost all starters on both sides of the ball and will be much more comfortable in year 2 of Brian Kelly’s system.  Michigan State historically gives the Irish fits, but the Spartans are coming to South Bend this year and ND will be looking to avenge last season’s heartbreaking OT loss.  Notre Dame could very well be unbeaten heading into the season finale @Stanford.  So if the Irish are 11-0…that means they aren’t losing 4 games.  TAKING OVER(-160)

Miami(FLA)— Win Total Line: 8 over(-120) under(even)

Kudos to the Hurricanes for scheduling probably the toughest non-conference slate in the country…however that means that they will be fighting for bowl eligibility in their first season under coach Al Golden.  Miami opens at Maryland on Sept 5th, before heading home to face Ohio State and Kansas State in consecutive weeks.  The ‘Canes also play VaTech, Florida State, UNC, and USF on the road.  A quarterback controversy, a new system and the schedule from hell will have Miami well under 8 wins.  TAKING UNDER(even)




Turns out LeBron James Sucks After All

June 10, 2011 2 comments

Last night was amazing.  The Heat are a joke.  Lebron has to be the worst “superstar” in the history of the NBA.  This shouldn’t surprise anyone.  Lebron has sucked all along.  He flat out quit on the Cavs last year because the Celtics were too tough on him.  Then this performance in the NBA Finals has sealed his legacy in my mind forever.  I don’t care if he wins 10 championships, he will always suck.  People were so quick to crown him as the greatest of all time.  ESPN is a joke.  Yeah he hit a few big three pointers against the Celtics and Bulls, but guess what…Robert Horry has hit clutch shots in the playoffs, he isn’t the greatest of all time.  Lebron is a quitter and a loser.  Last night was the perfect opportunity to assert himself as a superstar and leader with Dwayne Wade missing so many minutes with a bruise, but he failed. 

The Heat are so smug and arrogant.  That’s why everyone in America hates them.  I couldn’t believe when I saw them mocking Dirk for being sick after he kicked their ass when he was sick.  Hey Lebron, just because Dirk scored like triple the points you did, doesn’t mean that he wasn’t sick.  It means he’s a leader and you’re a loser.  Last night proved that if Dwayne Wade isn’t superman, then the Heat can’t win because they don’t have another leader on the team.  I hope Dallas finishes off the Heat in Miami.  The Heat don’t deserve a championship and neither do their fans.

The Mavs are America’s team and are truly a team.  Getting big time contributions from Kidd, Marion, Terry, and led by superstar Dirk Nowitzki.  Tyson Chandler is giving the Mavs defense and rebounding.  The Bulls used to have a guy named Tyson Chandler back in the day.  Top 5 draft pick.  That guy was a total bust.  Man did he suck.  Whatever happened to that guy?

I picked the Heat and the under in my Locks of the Century yesterday. “Taking the Heat on the moneyline at -105, Heat against the spread, and the under…which of course means the Mavs probably win a shootout, and I wouldn’t mind a bit.” Well, wouldn’t you know it, that’s exactly what happened.  Haven’t looked at the lines for Game 6, but you can bet I am going back to the Heat well again if it means a Dallas Mavericks win.  You’re welcome America.

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So…I guess I am a prodigy

June 1, 2011 2 comments

I am not going sit here and tell everyone that I am some kind of sports gambling genius…but that’s what I am.  Picking winners, beating the odds, and taking down Costa Rica is just a talent that I have inately.  I got a text from a friend asking me to explain to him how I pick winners.  I didn’t know what to say.  I feel like that’s saying to Rembrandt “teach me to paint like you”.

Yesterday I gave the people 5 “Locks of the Century” in the Miami Heat vs Dallas Mavericks, and in Game 1 of the NBA Finals I gave the people 5 winners(well 4-0-1, but still undefeated).  Is this what Tiger felt like in 2000? When do the women start throwing themselves at me?  Sportsbooks of Costa Rica…you’ve been warned.  I am coming for you all.

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