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Locks of the Century: Thursday Sweet 16

March 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Wisconsin +3 vs Syracuse

Here is the deal…I hate Syracuse.  They might just be on my Mount Hatemore with the NY Jets, Vancouver Canucks, and New York Yankees.  The Orange are the scummiest team in college basketball.  In the past year alone its been uncovered that they have had players failing drug tests, assistant coaches molesting little boys, two seperate eligibility issues, and probably some more stuff I have forgetten but dont feel like taking the time to look it up. Either way…I can’t think rationally here.  Going with my heart and taking the Badgers to cover.  THE PICK: WISCONSIN

Louisville +5 vs Michigan State

Another good vs evil game.  Rick Pitino is awful and Tom Izzo is a saint.  Give me Draymond Green and the Spartans to cover with ease.  THE PICK: Michigan State

Cincinnati +7.5 vs Ohio State

I feel like this is a huge spread for a Sweet 16 game.  I think Ohio State has too much fire power for Cincy.  The Big East is way overrated this year.  Big Ten all day.  THE PICK: Ohio State

 Florida +2 vs Marquette

Marquette has too much energy for this Florida team.  Marquette will guard the shit out of Beal and make him quit.  The Golden Eagles are the closest thing to Arkansas’ old “40 Minutes of Hell” college basketball has seen in a while.  That…and I love Buzz Williams. THE PICK: Marquette


My bracket sucks, but I knew that going in.  I feel like this round is going to be my one shining moment for the tournament.


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LOCKS OF THE CENTURY: NCAA Conference Tournaments

March 10, 2012 Leave a comment


Gave out nothing but winners against the spread yesterday(not counting that bullshit Indiana-Wisconsin game) with Minnesota, Michigan State, and Ohio State all covering.  It’d be selfish of me not to share my gift with the world, so I am venturing out beyond just the Big Ten Tournament.  Going to give the people winners from sea to shining sea.  This is America and I want everyone to be rich.  Even degenerate gamblers.  Winners in BOLD


Florida State +2.5 vs Duke

I think Florida State is legit as hell.  Athletic and scary on defense.  However, nobody beats Coach K twice in a year and I think Austin Rivers gets his revenge.

Florida +9 vs Kentucky

The next time Florida shows up for a big game post-Joakim Noah will be the first time.  Kentucky got enough of a scare from LSU yesterday that they should come ready to play

Wisconsin +4 vs Michigan State

MSU is legit as hell and there is no way Wisconsin shoots the lights out two days in a row.  Sparty looks like a possible Final Four team.

Ohio State -7.5 vs Michigan

Rivalry game.  I think Ohio State wins the game, but it’ll come down to the last minute.  Michigan is too good and too proud to let this one get out of hand.


March Madness has begun.  Everyone needs to get excited and get on my level.  Or better yet…get on Gus Johnson’s level



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Illinois fires Bruce Weber

March 9, 2012 Leave a comment



I always liked Bruce Weber.  Seemed like a good guy, but at the end of the day he just didn’t win enough at what should be one of the best jobs in college basketball.  Definitely deserved to get fired.  Pretty sure this is how his interview will go with Southern Illinois next week though.


Bruce, you’re hired and you can work here as long as you want.”–SIU Athletic Director


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LOCKS OF THE CENTURY: Big Ten Tournament

March 9, 2012 Leave a comment


So yesterday’s predictions weren’t so hot.  Went with heart over head.  Never making that mistake again.  2-2 isn’t good enough.  When a good shooter goes cold, he just keeps shooting.  I am doing the same thing.  Here are your Locks of The Century for Day 2 of the 2012 Big Ten Tournament.  Winners in BOLD

Iowa +11 vs Michigan State

Indiana pk vs Wisconsin

Minnesota +5.5 vs Michigan

Purdue +7.5 vs Ohio State



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Who is ready for the Big Ten Tournament? Preview and hype machine

March 8, 2012 Leave a comment



The Big Ten Tournament starts in about an hour and it’s the only place you’ll hear Gus Johnson this spring.  So tune in and soak it up.  Gus is the best in the business and nothing gets me more fired up for March Madness than this video clip.  Enjoy.



PS: RIP Bruce Weber.  Last Big Ten tournament.

PPS: Northwestern needs one win to punch their first ever ticket.  Go ‘cats


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Pat Knight DESPISES his own team

February 24, 2012 1 comment

(KKJeff100)–The Southland Conference should suspend Lamar head coach Pat Knight for this epic rant. Calling out players for a bad performance on the court in public is legit, but off-court stuff should be off limits. The apple doesn’t fall from the tree!

What an epic rant.  Like father like son.  I don’t think I have seen guy hate his own team this much since the Chief hated the 2011-12 Blackhawks.  I’ll admit I am not the foremost expert on college basketball, but if I am the AD for Illinois I am firing Bruce Weber yesterday and getting Pat Knight on the phone as soon as possible.  The Illini have plenty of talent, but need a kick in the ass.  Who better to do it than a Knight.  And who the hell is this KKJeff100 that posted the video?  Are you kidding me bro?  You have a problem with a coach holding his seniors accountable? Suspend the guy for calling out players who get suspended for drugs and in classroom antics?  What country am I living in?  I am officially a Pat Knight guy.  The guy can coach for me all day.

And…a little Bobby Knight for ya…


PS: Lamar University?  Where the hell is that? Sounds made up to me.

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Looks like Iowa basketball is in good hands

January 11, 2012 Leave a comment

IN YOUR FACE, CHAIR!!! GET SOME FRAN!!!  Iowa Men’s Basketball Coach, Fran McCaffery, swung that chair down on its face like it was a battle axe.  This is exactly what Iowa basketball needs.  Their English professor looking coach going ham on some poor folding chair.  Who wouldn’t want to play for that guy?  Oklahoma State football took off after Mike Gundy told people that he is 1) a man, 2) that he is 40 years old, and 3) that they should come after him.  Maybe if this clip goes viral it will have the same effect for Iowa basketball.

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