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Instagram sells for a cool billion. Am I the only one who doesn’t get it?

(AP)–Facebook has announced it is to buy Instagram, the popular photo-sharing smartphone app. Facebook is paying $1bn in cash and stock for the takeover. Instagram was only launched in October 2010, initially just for the iPhone before being offered as an Android app last week.Facebook’s chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has pledged to continue to develop Instagram as a separate brand, allowing it to post to rival networks. The app is free and allows users to apply 17 filters to the pictures they take, changing the color balance to give the images a different feel – before they are uploaded.  It has proven hugely popular. The firm says that it has more than 30 million users uploading more than 5 million new pictures every day.    

So I guess this instagram thing is here to stay.  I downloaded instagram like 6 months ago or so.  Took a picture, played with it a little, thought “meh, this is it? Just takes new digital pics and makes them look old and shitty? Alright…whatever“, and then never touched the thing again.  I really just wrote it off as like a hipster fad.  Well…there are a billion reasons why I was wrong…but I still think I am right.  Seriously…it’s a picture sharing app.  That’s it.  Am I missing something besides you can take artsy pics and share them?  Can’t people do that already?  I mean this can’t be worth a billion dollars right…


I mean yeah…that’s hot fire hair no doubt, but wouldn’t it be just as blazing hot in color?   To each their own I guess.  Good for the guy who created it though.  Took a simple idea and turned it into a billion dollars.  Welp…God Bless America.


PS: Hank hair like you read about.


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