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America is in an old fashioned Cold War Dance-Off

September 14, 2011 1 comment

Hey Russia…who do you think you are? Newsflash…we have a black president. If you were going to challenge us to a dance off you should have done it back in 2008. Solid moves by Medvedev here, can’t deny it, but lets see what Obama swag is bringing to the table.

Ok…that wasn’t pretty. Shit. Damn it Obama. Tighten that shit up. Better call in Michelle for reenforcement.

Ok, so clearly what is going on here is the old rope-a-dope by the Obamas. Just tricking Russia into thinking that they can out swag the king of swag. Obama is totally hustling Russia here. I love it. Dance off for world supremacy. Bring it on Russia.

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