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Obama, you sly dog you. Barry Obama follows @SideBoobOrg on Twitter

April 16, 2012 Leave a comment

(Breitbart)–The verified Twitter account of President Barack Obama has been found to be a follower of the Twitter account @sidebooborg, representing a blog which collects and posts pictures of celebrities whose unadorned breasts are visible in profile. According to the individual who runs the followed account, who only goes by the name “Celebrity Sideboob,” the sides of boobs are a particular passion of his/hers. “If you haven’t already figured this out, I love sideboob and I run a website based on it,” on tweet states. Granted, the President is often not directly involved in the operation of his Twitter account, and nearly 700,000 Twitter users enjoy the honor of being followed by the Commander-in-Chief. One possible explanation for the cheek-reddening discovery is that “Celebrity Sideboob” may have been followed by the @barackobama account under a different, more innocuous name, then switched Twitter handles upon discovering a lucrative outlet for aggregating images of sideboobs. Regardless of the story behind this mystery, one can expect the President’s social media team to receive a stern warning about the optics of Twitter follows. Representing the leader of the free world, one must take every precaution possible to avoid looking like a–well, you get the picture.


Yeah Obama!!!! Who doesn’t love a little side boob shot?  Obama is just such a man of the people I can’t even stand it.  If Romney saw this sideboob site he’d probably start sweating and feeling really guilty.  Confess to his wife that he cheated on her in his mind.  Obama is just so real.  Speeches…tight, campaigning skills…tight, march madness picks…tight.  So what if he can’t fix the economy, the deficit, healthcare, and his basketball game sucks.  The guy single-handedly killed Osama Bin Laden and he digs side boob.  The guy knows what he is doing.  He didn’t fall backwards into the $53 million he raised in March.

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