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LOCKS OF THE CENTURY: NCAA Conference Tournaments

March 10, 2012 Leave a comment


Gave out nothing but winners against the spread yesterday(not counting that bullshit Indiana-Wisconsin game) with Minnesota, Michigan State, and Ohio State all covering.  It’d be selfish of me not to share my gift with the world, so I am venturing out beyond just the Big Ten Tournament.  Going to give the people winners from sea to shining sea.  This is America and I want everyone to be rich.  Even degenerate gamblers.  Winners in BOLD


Florida State +2.5 vs Duke

I think Florida State is legit as hell.  Athletic and scary on defense.  However, nobody beats Coach K twice in a year and I think Austin Rivers gets his revenge.

Florida +9 vs Kentucky

The next time Florida shows up for a big game post-Joakim Noah will be the first time.  Kentucky got enough of a scare from LSU yesterday that they should come ready to play

Wisconsin +4 vs Michigan State

MSU is legit as hell and there is no way Wisconsin shoots the lights out two days in a row.  Sparty looks like a possible Final Four team.

Ohio State -7.5 vs Michigan

Rivalry game.  I think Ohio State wins the game, but it’ll come down to the last minute.  Michigan is too good and too proud to let this one get out of hand.


March Madness has begun.  Everyone needs to get excited and get on my level.  Or better yet…get on Gus Johnson’s level



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LOCKS OF THE CENTURY: Big Ten Tournament

March 9, 2012 Leave a comment


So yesterday’s predictions weren’t so hot.  Went with heart over head.  Never making that mistake again.  2-2 isn’t good enough.  When a good shooter goes cold, he just keeps shooting.  I am doing the same thing.  Here are your Locks of The Century for Day 2 of the 2012 Big Ten Tournament.  Winners in BOLD

Iowa +11 vs Michigan State

Indiana pk vs Wisconsin

Minnesota +5.5 vs Michigan

Purdue +7.5 vs Ohio State



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Who is ready for the Big Ten Tournament? Preview and hype machine

March 8, 2012 Leave a comment



The Big Ten Tournament starts in about an hour and it’s the only place you’ll hear Gus Johnson this spring.  So tune in and soak it up.  Gus is the best in the business and nothing gets me more fired up for March Madness than this video clip.  Enjoy.



PS: RIP Bruce Weber.  Last Big Ten tournament.

PPS: Northwestern needs one win to punch their first ever ticket.  Go ‘cats


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