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Lindsay Lohan is burning my retnas she looks so hot in “Liz and Dick”

June 5, 2012 Leave a comment


SEX!!!! I mean just sweet Jesus, Lohan!!! I have always loved Lindsay Lohan and I am now IN love with her.  She is playing Elizabeth Taylor in the movie called “Liz and Dick”.  I know who Liz Taylor is…kinda.  Some old actress chick who was wicked famous and died last year.  Couldn’t tell you one thing about her or one movie she was in and I like the classics.  Having said that…there is NO CHANCE IN HELL I miss this movie.  Lohan hasn’t even approached being this hot on the silver screen since “Mean Girls”.  If this movie is shown in 3D I won’t be able to stand up for a couple of hours after the movie is over.  Just absolutely classically BLAZING HOT.  Lindsay is back on top…just the way I like it.  DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK!!!


PS: Miami delenda est


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Lindsay Lohan face time lapse is laser hot

April 3, 2012 Leave a comment


I bet the creators of this video probably meant it as an insult to Lindsay, but joke is on them.  Every picture of her 18 and up is just blazing hot.  And now she has come back full circle to “Mean Girls” Lindsay.  Just killing it.  I don’t know what her first movie going to be, but I will be lining up for that comeback like nerds lined up for the Hunger Games.  Lindsay is flying up my future wife leader board.  For the record it goes:

1) Katherine Jenkins

2) nobody close

3) Mila Kunis

4) Danielle Kn (look her up)

5) This spot is reserved for January Jones if she can clean her act up.  Episode two of Madmen Sunday night was devastating.  Not quite ready to bury her yet though.


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They are who we thought they were: Canucks are AWFUL

June 9, 2011 51 comments

I am not going to sit here and say I told you so, but I totally did.  The Canucks are a joke.  The softest team in the league. Unworthy of being in the Stanley Cup Finals.  The Canucks are a classic “fake tough” team.  They will push you and try to get under your skin by diving, chirping, biting, throwing head shots, and complaining.  If you stand up to them and push back at them they will completely crumble.  The Bruins took it to the Canucks physically and they whimpered away. 

NHL Network was really rushing to the defense of the Canucks last night. “Kesler must be hurt. Luongo has vertigo. Burrows is menstruating, blah blah blah”.  Truth of the matter is that this is just who the Canucks are.  They are a group of cowards who barely beat an injury depleted Blackhawks team in a rebuilding year. They just suck. 

Now I even think Vancouver is delusional.  Bieksa called Tim Thomas “leaky” in the post game and said that they were showing him too much respect.  Yeah, real leaky goalie in net for the Bruins.  The Canucks have scored under 2 goals in three of the 4 games and on top of that Thomas has more hits in the series than the Sedin Sisters combined.  Showing him too much respect? How, by trying to slash the stick out of his hand and running him every chance they get?  Burrows even tried to fight Thomas.  Who fights a goalie?  Burrows is pathetic. 

The only chance the Canucks have to salvage this series is to start Cory Schneider, but even the Boston native Schneider sounded like he wanted to part of the Bruins. “None of the goals were Roberto’s fault. He deserves to be in there for game 5.” Come on now, Cory.  You went to Phillips Andover and graduated from BC with honors in 3 years, you’re smarter than that.  Luongo’s legs were more open than Lindsay Lohan’s on the Peverly goal.  Ryder’s shot looked like a peewee shot it.  The only goal that wasn’t on Luongo was Peverly’s second goal.  Other than that Luongo was responsible.  Maybe Schneider doesn’t want to alienate his hometown team. Maybe he is afraid of the Bruins.  Maybe he is just as delusional as the rest of teammates.

This series is over.  I originally predicted the Bruins winning in 7 games, but now I don’t think it will take that long.  Long live the Original 6.  AMERICA.


PS I love Milbury in between periods.  Calls the Canucks “smug and arrogant” during game 3 and has the line of the year when he referred to the Sedin Sisters as “Thelma and Louise”. Just perfect. If NBC could replace Pierre McGuire with Darren Pang it would be the greatest hockey broadcast crew ever assembled.

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