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West Virginia Women’s Basketball player quits hoops to pursue modeling career

June 8, 2012 1 comment

(Daily Mail)–The big addition to the West Virginia University women’s basketball team this offseason has decided to give up the game to find something more her style. Forward Krystal Forthan, who transferred to the Mountaineers from LSU last month, told Coach Mike Carey she’s leaving WVU to become a model. “She told us that she did not want to go to school and she was wanting to get into the professional world of modeling,” Carey said. “She said she was not interested in going to school here.” Forthan signed with the Mountaineers, but never enrolled and won’t affect the team’s APR. Carey said he tried to talk Forthan into playing and parlaying success into popularity and then a modeling career. Forthan declined and deprives the Mountaineers of a regarded player. The 6-foot-4 Forthan was a McDonald’s and Women’s Basketball Coaches Association All-American in high school in 2011. That year ESPNU Hoop Gurlz ranked her No. 5 in her recruiting class. She averaged 5.7 points and 3.2 rebounds at LSU and started two of 28 games. Forthan was also named the SEC Freshman of the Week twice. Forthan needed to sit out next season because of the NCAA’s transfer rules and wouldn’t have been eligible until the 2013-14 season. WVU already has a 6-5 post player committed to the 2013 class. Hoop Gurlz ranks Lubirdia Gordon, from Mount Vernon, N.Y., ninth at her position.

So this story is from the Daily Mail which is a British paper.  When I first read that this girl was quitting school to become a “model” I honest to god thought for a second that maybe model means something different over there.  Kind of like how “fag” means one thing in the UK and something completely different in the US.  That’s not the case.  Model means the same thing in both countries.  Which means my opinion of the career counseling at West Virginia is to the shits.  Nobody wants to tell kid with a dream that it’s not possible, but God put some people on this planet to be models and Krystal honey…you ain’t one of them.  Look it, we all have certain gifts, but we can’t choose what they are.  I wanted to be a professional hockey player, but instead God made me a reality TV and smut expert.  Krystal, God made you into a 6’4″ man.  Use that talent. Coach Mike Carey telling her she could become well known as a basketball player and parlay that success into popularity and then a modeling career is flat-out irresponsible.  Honestly, that might be a fireable offense.  If I am recruiting against this guy I am looking that HS girl and her parents in the eye and telling her that if she signs with my program at least she will get the truth.  Mike Carey will just promise you the moon and blow smoke up your ass.  This girl might have killed two careers with one stone.


PS: What does this say about the WNBA?  Sounds like this girl was good enough to play pro basketball, but she passed for a failed attempt at modeling.  Basically saying that she would rather have smut bloggers tell her she ain’t no model than play in the WNBA.  Not good pub for the league…if it still exists.

PPS: Miami delenda est


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