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Bieber to be protected by 6,000 cops at Mexico City concert

(Newser)–The Bieber may outdraw the Beatle: The Mexico City organizers of Monday’s free concert by teen star Justin Bieber predict it could be even bigger than Paul McCartney’s May 10 concert in the city’s central plaza, which attracted some 200,000 people. One thing’s for sure: Officials are planning elaborate security arrangements for the event, with nearly 6,000 police officers, two helicopters, 500 portable toilets, and four rings of barriers. Checkpoints will limit the crowd in the plaza to about 80,000, with other fans directed to watch the concert on giant screens erected on neighboring streets. A recent performance by McCartney in Bogota, Colombia, was guarded by a comparatively paltry 1,400 cops.

So this is the end of Bieber I guess.  I mean there is just no way he doesn’t get abducted in Mexico City.  People get abducted all the time down there and the fact that Biebs is going to have 6000 Mexican cops only makes me more worried.  There is nothing more corrupt than a Mexican police officer.  The more Mexican cops protecting Bieber the more likely it is that handful are working for a Mexican Drug Lord who wants non-stop personal Bieber concerts in the basement of his mansion.  I’d rather have one Kevin Costner than a billion Mexican Cops.  This is the end.  Poor Biebs.  Adios El Principe de Musica Popular.


PS: Miami delenda est


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