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Tebow vs Bears Recap

December 12, 2011 3 comments


Tebow sucks.  He throws an ugly ball. He’s just a running back.  He didn’t win the game, the bears lost it. If Barber doesn’t run out of bounds and/or doesn’t fumble…wah wah wah.  Look it Bears fans, time for some real talk here…Tebow won that game.  He did.  Time to just acknowledge it and move on.  Yeah…Barber made two terrible plays that cost the team the game, but it wasn’t his fault.  Tebow jesus-mind fucked the shit out of Barber.  If you believe anything else then you are blind.  Tebow and God are BFFs.  Its obvious.  There is no way in hell the Broncos win that game if Cutler or Forte play…so God fucked them up a little.  Paving the way for Tebow. There is no other explanation.  So wake the hell up.  December 21st, 2012 is a year a way.  I for one am not going to sit down here on Earth like a goddamn moron saying how much God’s best friend sucks at throwing when the rapture comes.  So in conclusion, Tebow is great and sure seems like a nice fellow.  Bears could learn a lot about faith from that game.  Thanks for the opportunity of playing in God’s presence.  Good luck the rest of the season.  Amen.

PS: Hey Tebow…please shake hands with Jay Cutler after the game and pat Forte on the knee.


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