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Sports Illustrated trying to jinx the absolute shit out of Chicago HS star Jabari Parker

May 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Jesus Christ Sports Illustrated, putting the kid on the cover and mentioning him in the same sentence as Lebron…that’s about as jinxed as it gets. I don’t know what SI’s problem is, but obviously they are trying to ruin this kid’s career.  Joke is on you though Sports Illustrated you dicks.  Two negatives= a positive.  Everyone knows that.  Big mistake mentioning him in the same breath as the biggest failure ever to win three league MVPs.  Something tells me that Jabari Parker has higher aspirations than being a guy who defers to Mario Chalmers with the game on the line.

Side note…I want Jabari Parker to go to DePaul so badly I can taste it.  I feel a DePaul resurgence is right around the corner and Parker would make the Blue Demons an instant Final Four caliber team.  They improved this year with a young team.  Next year they should be around .500 in the Big East.  If this current group of DePaul sophomores is joined by Billy Garrett Jr(already committed, dad is an assistant coach) and Jabari Parker then DePaul will be off to the races.  This city needs to DePaul to be back.  I think Oliver Purnell is the man to lead DePaul back to glory.  Come on Jabari!!! Stay home baby.  We love you.  DO IT!!! DO IT!!!

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