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College Football Week 6 Quick Hits

October 10, 2011 1 comment

Hey Maryland, stop trying to be Oregon because it’s just NOT working.

Maryland keeps changing their uniforms every fricken week.  I know crazy ass jerseys are the new hotness and it supposedly helps with recruiting, but Maryland has failed miserably.  Every week they play in ugly uniforms, and every week they get their ass kicked. Check the latest failed attempted they wore while getting crushed by Georgia Tech.

Meanwhile, Oregon continues to just KILL it.  I think their uniforms get better just about every week.  This latest rendition looked they were designed by Gordon Bombay.  All I could think about when LaMichael James got hurt was how it was eerily similar to the Adam Banks injury.

Joe Bauserman might be the worst Quarterback in NCAA history

I don’t even think that is an exaggeration.  He is that terrible. Take a look at the numbers from his last three games in which he received significant playing time:

@Miami 2 of 14 for 13 yards. Lost 24-6

Michigan State 7 of 14 for 87 yards. Lost 10-7

@Nebraska 1 of 10 for 13 yards. Lost 34-27 and blew a huge lead after he had to replace the injured Braxton Miller.

These are historically bad numbers and poor Luke Fickell has no options. Ohio State is on their way to having one of the worst seasons in school history.

LSU and Alabama are really really really…good

Back to back weeks these teams showed that Florida isn’t ready for prime time.  They have almost NFL caliber defenses.  I can’t wait for the November 5th showdown.  That is the play-in game for the National Championship.  Right now, I think Alabama wins that game.  It’s in Tuscaloosa.  Trent Richardson is the best offensive player in the game and I think McCarron is slightly better than either Lee or Jordan Jefferson.

The BigEast is DEAD

TCU is going to accept an invitation to the Big12.  The Big East is now effectively dead as a football conference. RIP Big East Football.

Georgia better win the SEC East

I don’t know who is in charge of scheduling in the SEC, but Georgia got off really easy this year.  They don’t have to play LSU, Alabama, or Arkansas this year and they get Florida and Auburn at home.  They are a young team, but if they can’t navigate that schedule to win the SEC East then it should be considered a major disappointment.

At what point should people start taking Illinois seriously?

Illinois is already bowl eligible at 6-0.  They have a quality win over Arizona State, and also beat rival Northwestern.  Their next three games are also very win-able.  They take on a dog shit Ohio State team led by Joe Bauserman at home this week.  Then they travel to Purdue and Penn State.  Illinois has a legitimate shot of at being in the top 10 and undefeated when they take on Michigan at home.  I am still not sold on Michigan.  Don’t look now, but Illinois could go 11-1 and win whatever division of the Big 10 they are in.

If Notre Dame started 2-0, would they be a legit National Title Contender?

Oh what could have been for the Irish.  If they had only had say…I dont know…8 turnovers instead of 10 in the first two weeks of the season the Irish would be sitting at 6-0 and probably ranked like 8th in the country.  Instead they are unranked, and 4-2.  Notre Dame still could claw their way to a BCS game, but one more loss and that dream dies.  The Stanford game looms large at the end of the year.

Is Mack Brown on the hot seat?

What happened to Texas?  They went from playing in the National Title game to being a total joke in two years.  They didn’t even look like a Division I football team against arch rival Oklahoma this weekend.  Things don’t get much easier when they take on Oklahoma State this weekend.  If Texas follows last year’s 5-7 season with an 8-4 or 7-5 season this year, will crazy Texas football fans start calling for Mack Brown’s head?

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