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Mid 20s Dating Guide: What Not To Do Volume 2

September 8, 2011 Leave a comment

(AMSTERDAM, AP) — Dutch prosecutors are charging a 42-year-old woman with stalking after she allegedly called her ex-boyfriend 65,000 times in the past year. The 62-year-old victim from The Hague filed a police complaint in August due to the persistent phone calls. Police arrested the suspected stalker Monday, seizing several cell phones and computers from her home in Rotterdam. Hague prosecution spokeswoman Nicolette Stoel said Thursday the woman argued to judges at a preliminary hearing she had a relationship with the man and the number of calls she placed to him wasn’t excessive. The man denied they had a relationship. The court ordered her not to contact him again.

Here we go with Volume 2 in an infinite part series about what NOT to do in relationships.

Girls are so bat shit crazy its unbelievable.  Everyone has made a drunken phone call to an ex that they wish they could take back, but this girl has taken it to a whole different level.  65,000 calls a year is 179 calls a day and 7 or 8 per hour.  This chick’s fulltime job is being a lunatic.  I get that this chick is single and desperate and wants her boyfriend back, but she is going about it all wrong.  Kind of a rookie move for a 42 year-old dating veteran.  I mean she totally had the upper-hand in this thing on paper.  She is 20 years younger than this guy.  I don’t care how many blue pills he is popping, I guarantee chicks aren’t beating down his door to hop in bed with a 62 year-old dude with gray hair, flabby skin, and old…balls…gross.  When flirting over the phone you NEVER want to be the last one to communicate(and you definitely don’t want to be the last one to communicate 65,000 times in a row).  I definitely learned this lesson the one the hard way(more than once).  I’ll be texting back and forth with a girl and she’ll be just eating up my jokes. Just flirty LOLs and HAHAHAHAs all over the place.  Then the convo clearly comes to end point but instead of playing it smooth and leave her wanting more…I come back with something stupid like “So…what are you up to this weekend?” and…crickets. Just kills all momentum.  One text too many and its over before it even started.  If this girl wasn’t so effing crazy(just a hypothetical, she’s a chick so of course she is crazy) she could’ve had this old guy back in a minute.  Tone down the crazy and make him think it was his idea.  This guy knows that he doesn’t have a lot of options and if a chick can stand his presence for a minute he should hold on to her like grim death…which isn’t far off.

PS: This chick is probably getting recruited like mad by tele-marketing companies.  Dial, click, dial, all day long with no bathroom breaks.

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Hey ladies…if a guy dumps a 20-ton boulder in your driveway…he’s just not that into you

August 17, 2011 3 comments


 (Quebec)–A small-town mayor is under police investigation after finally giving his wife a nice, big rock. Make that his ex-wife. And the rock was a 20 tonne boulder, not a ring. Dany Larivière, the mayor of Saint-Théodore-d’Acton, east of Montreal, told a French news station that he had dropped the boulder off on his ex-wife’s lawn early Sunday morning. The rock is spray-painted “Happy Birthday, Isa XX” and topped with a big pink bow. “I had to do something so she’d leave me alone,” he told TVA Monday morning. “That’s the biggest rock she’ll ever get in her life.” Larivière was unavailable for comment Monday afternoon. Quebec Police told the Toronto Star they were still deciding whether criminal charges could be laid, after Larivière apparently refused to remove the boulder. “It’s a gift. It’s hers now,” Larivière said. “I did it in the middle of the night. It was a surprise.” He joked that his ex-wife, Isabelle Prévost, had always wanted a big rock, quipping that this one was between 18 and 24 “carat-tonnes.”

Pretty strong message delivered by this mayor to his ex-wife.  Nothing says “leave me alone” like dumping a 20-ton boulder in her driveway in the middle of the night as a birthday present.  Here is the problem with chicks though, they just never get it.  I am sure this French broad was sipping on pom-tini’s later that night and all the chicks were all like “OMG…you think Dany still loves you?  He is just acting out because he still cares so much.  You’ve been broken up for 3 years, but he def isn’t over you.  Are you guys getting back together? You guys are totes adorable together.  I bet he just left that boulder there so he would have an excuse to come see you”.  Here is a clue girls, if the guy dumps a 20-ton boulder in your driveway…he’s just not that into you.  It’s over.  I don’t think you can send a stronger message. 


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