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Coolest Dog Ever!!!

August 12, 2011 Leave a comment

For about 90 seconds of this video I forgot all about the troubles in the world.  I was just enjoying watching this ninja dog do things a cat would be too pussy(PUN) to even dream of.  Then guess what…turns out this dog is Russian.  Obama is just soaking up the sun, chilling on the beach in his mom jeans at Martha’s Vineyard right now, and he has NO IDEA Vlad Putin has dogs that can infiltrate Fort Knox right.  In case you guys didn’t notice, the Cold War is back.

PS: I don’t think this is the first time Russia has used kick ass dogs to do counter-intelligence work against the United States.  I am like 99% sure Clifford The Big Red Dog was 100% KGB.  That dog was everywhere when I was kid, then the Berlin wall comes down, USSR falls apart, and suddenly he’s gone.  He and that little minx Emily Elizabeth(if that’s her real name) got out of here before we figured out what was actually going on.

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