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NBA Draft Preview: Who Sucks the Most?

June 22, 2011 2 comments

In my heart of hearts, I truly believe that I could be a better NBA GM than 95% of those currently employed in those positions.  I am never more confident about that thought than I am during the NBA draft.  I just went through Chad Ford’s mock draft, what a joke.  Looking at the first 30 picks on that mock draft I can pick out probably 5 sure fire busts.

Bismack Biyombo:  Hasn’t this guy been drafted like every year? I could have sworn this was Ike Diago.  I don’t know anything about this guy and even I know he is going to suck. Yet, somehow this guy is going to be a lottery pick, then a D-League role player, and then he is going to be Ike Diago.

  Jan Vessly: This guy looks like a Jan.  Rule #1 of drafting…don’t take guys with chick names.  Red Auerbach lived by this.  Thats how he traded Joe Barry Carroll for Kevin McHale and Robert Parish.  This guy isn’t Dirk.  He isn’t even Marsha.

Markieff and Marcus Morris: If I know one thing about sports, its that twins suck.  Sedins…suck. Vinklevoss twins…suck. I am sure there are others.  One of these guys is going in the lottery I guess, I don’t really know which one…but it doesn’t matter both will be at the end of the bench passing out waters, towels, and high fives.

Klay Thompson: I am not even totally convinced that this guy is a human. This picture is kind of freaking me out.  That’s an ugly dude.  You can’t look like a freak and be a star.  So why draft this guy in the lottery? You are wasting your time.

  Davis Bertans: Albino guy from Lithuania…


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