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Chief’s Final NFL Mock Draft

April 26, 2012 Leave a comment

1. Indianapolis Colts– Andrew Luck, QB Stanford

Already announced and the most obvious pick maybe ever.  I wouldn’t want to be Luck replacing a legend in a small redneck town like Indy is no small task.

2. Washington Redskins– Robert Griffin III, QB Baylor

Redskins haven’t had a competent QB in my entire life.  I remember them winning the Superbowl in like 1991 with Mark Rypien.  Not exactly a hall of famer. RGIII is going to be a star.

3. Minnesota Vikings– Matt Kalil, OT USC

Lots of chatter about this pick being Claiborne or being traded.  I think it is bullshit.  Unless TB blows the Vikings’ doors off with a trade to move up to #3 then the Vikes take the LT to protect their QB of the future selected last season.

4. Cleveland Browns– Trent Richardson, RB Alabama

Best non-QB in the draft and probably the best running back the Browns have had since Jim Brown.  This is a nice start to what will be an active draft for the Browns who have 13 selections to make.

5. Tampa Bay Bucs– Morris Claiborne, CB LSU

I am not as high on Claiborne as some, but he will be the first CB taken and will be a very good pro.  This is a key piece for the Bucs since they play in a division with Drew Brees, Cam Newton, and Matt Ryan.

6. St. Louis Rams– Justin Blackmon, WR Oklahoma State

I personally think Floyd is going to be the better pro, but more people seem to be enamored with Blackmon.  He has a ton of potential and this gives Sam Bradford his first legit #1 receiving option.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars– Fletcher Cox, DT/DE Mississippi State

This is a spot where I think the talent level starts to drop.  Cox is a beast, but I bet the Jags will be working the phones hard trying to find someone that loves Tannehill enough to leap ahead of the Dolphins.

8. Miami Dolphins– Ryan Tannehill, QB Texas A&M

I think Tannehill will be a starter in the NFL, but I also think that about a few other guys projected to go later in the draft.  Miami needs a QB desperately, so Tannehill is the choice.

9. Carolina Panthers– Stephon Gilmore, CB South Carolina

I really believe the Panthers will take a player from South Carolina.  I am just not sure if it’s Gilmore or the DE Ingram.  Personally I think Gilmore will end up being the best CB in the draft and you can never have enough DBs.

10. Buffalo Bills– Michael Floyd, WR Notre Dame

Bills could go a lot of ways here and a trade back wouldn’t surprise me.  I think they go offense because they addressed some big needs on defense via free agency already this offseason.

11. Kansas City Chiefs– Luke Kuechly, ILB Boston College

Chiefs get a Mike linebacker they can build their entire defense around.  Kuechly is everything you could want in an ILB.  Best player left on the board at a position of need.  Kuechly is the Pioli type of pick if Kuechly is gone they take Barron

12. Seattle Seahawks– Melvin Ingram, DE South Carolina

Big time pass rusher.  I hate Pete Carroll so this is tough to admit, but he is building a pretty nasty defense up there in Seattle.

13. Arizona Cardinals– Reilly Reiff, OT Iowa

Position of need and the Cardinals have been playing an average of like 5 QBs a season.  Adding Reiff to the O-Line hopefully keeps their glass QBs out of the ER this season.

14. Dallas Cowboys– Mark Barron, S Alabama

Cowboys desperately need secondary help and Mark Barron in special.  Best safety in the draft.  Probably a future pro-bowler.  Wouldn’t surprise me if someone snagged him earlier than 14.

15. Philadelphia Eagles– Michael Brockers, DT/DE LSU

Brockers is probably a top 7 pick if he stays one more year at LSU.  I look at him and I see a little Richard Seymour.  Fills a need for the Eagles.

16. New York Jets– Dontari Poe, DT Memphis

I was watching a draft preview show the other night and one of Poe’s “highlights” was some little guy on Marshall stepping out of bounds in front of him.  The guy is a physical freak, but he couldn’t even dominate Conference-USA.  I think Poe is the biggest bust of the 1st round…which makes him the obvious Jets pick.

17. Cincinnati Bengals– David DeCastro, OG Stanford

Pretty high for a guard to be selected, but DeCastro is special.  He is exactly what you want in a guard and it’s a position of need.

18. San Diego Chargers– Chandler Jones, DE Syracuse

The younger brother of Jon “Bones” Jones has been flying up draft boards.  McShay has him going 12th.  I don’t know…this guy wreaks of Vernon Gholston to me.  Injured and not a ton of production.  Chargers need pass rushers though.

19. Chicago Bears– Quinton Coples, DE North Carolina

Coples has top 10 talent, but has slipped due to some character questions.  Bears need DE help and fellow UNC alum Julius Peppers would be the perfect mentor for Coples.  I could see the Bears trading out of this spot too and picking up an extra pick.

20. Tennessee Titans– Dre Kirkpatrick, CB Alabama

Kirkpatrick is a very physical corner who will upgrade the unit for the Titans.  Best player available type of pick.

21. Cincinnati Bengals– Cordy Glenn, OT/OG Georgia

Bengals realize that the NFL is about winning the line of scrimmage.  Taking two line-men in the first round should help them get more physical in the AFC North against Pittsburgh and Baltimore.

22. Cleveland Browns– Stephen Hill, WR Georgia Tech

The Browns start remaking their offense in the first round.  Hill is a bit of a risk, but he can really fly.  Developmental pick as the Browns continue to search for a QB. Maybe if they suck badly enough they can get Matt Barkley next year.  Just a little more patience Browns fans…you’re getting closer to being competitive. I can feel it.

23. Detroit Lions– Jonathan Martin, OT Stanford

I am sure the Lions would love to get their hands on a DB in this spot, but Janoris Jenkins is the only first round talent left on the board and he has serious off the field dramz.  Already has four kids.  Nobody wants another Cromartie on their hands. Martin is the safe pick and also addresses a need.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers– Jerel Worthy, DT Michigan State

Probably my favorite player on the bottom 3rd of the first round so it pains me to give him to Pittsburgh here.  They need some more youth along the DL and Worthy is a fit.

25. Denver Broncos– Kendall Reyes, DT UConn

The offense is basically set now.  Manning has proven that he can win throwing to guys like Blair White so the Broncos address a need and take DT Kendall Reyes.

26. Houston Texans– Kendall Wright, WR Baylor

Texans desperately need to give Andre Johnson some help in the receiving corps.  Wright is the best WR left on the board.

27. New England Patriots– Courtney Upshaw, OLB Alabama

Honestly…I don’t like Upshaw and he doesn’t look like the type of edge-setter Bill normally covets.  A little undersized.  I really believe that with Upshaw, Mercilus, McClellin, Curry, among others at DE/OLB that Belichick will try to move back into the early 2nd round and pick up an additional pick.  Cleveland would be a natural trade partner because as previously noted they have 13 draft picks this year and probably don’t want to use them all.

28. Green Bay Packers– Whitney Mercilus, DE/OLB Illinois

Best name in the draft by a mile and loads of talent, but he slips because he really only had one big year in college.  The Packers need pass rush help in a bad way.  If Mercilus is still on the board they are sprinting to the podium to take him.

29. Baltimore Ravens– Dont’a Hightower, ILB Alabama

Ray Lewis can’t play forever( I don’t think) and Hightower can be groomed as his eventual replacement.  He is mean and physical just how the Ravens like ’em.

30. San Francisco 49ers– Cody Fleener, TE Stanford

The 49ers were close to last in the NFL in passing offense last year and not all of that can be blamed on Alex Smith.  The 49ers addressed the WR position in free agency by signing Randy Moss and Mario Manningham.  Harbaugh takes the player he coached and recruited at Stanford and the 49ers move to a two TE offense much like the Patriots.  Moss and Manningham outside, Davis and Fleener in the slots, and Frank Gore in the backfield will be dynamic no matter who is pulling the trigger at QB.

31. New England Patriots– Harrison Smith, S Notre Dame

Instant starter in the secondary for the Patriots.  Smart, athletic, and good in both coverage and against the run.  Fills a need as well since the Patriots were terrible against the pass and basically had open try-outs at the safety position last season.

32. New York Giants– Doug Martin, RB Boise State

Giants have the luxury of just taking the best player available and could go a lot of different directions here.  Martin makes sense because the Giants just lost a RB to free agency and Bradshaw isn’t exactly durable.  Could trade, could go secondary, could go OL.  Whatever Giants. Go to hell.



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