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Terrell Suggs tears achilles. Karma is a bitch


I know this image is Zapruder film quality, but it was the best I could find.  Point is that Suggs is a loud-mouth dirty player who dove at Tom Brady’s injured knee the first chance he got.  Then yesterday Harbaugh tried to smear the Patriots Dynasty when asked about something completely unrelated because he was jealous.  This is what happens.  Karma is a bitch and it finally bit the Ravens.  Suck on that Baltimore.  Dynasty Reign.


PS: If Suggs was wearing Nikes this never would have happened.  You chose poorly.  Go to crawl so hard university bitch.


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Jinxes, Curses, and Karma when Betting: Locks of the Century

June 3, 2011 Leave a comment

I have nobody to blame but myself for Miami’s epic collapse last night.  I got cocky and via twitter basically proclaimed that nobody could stop me from winning.  I was staring a 5-1 maybe 6-0 record in the face mid-way through the 4th quarter.  The first rule of gambling is don’t taunt the gambling gods.  I had already nailed 3 of my 6 bets, and was looking like a prophet again.  Within in 5 minutes Dallas shooting, Lebron fade-away threes, and Eric Spoelstra coaching stole 3 wins from me.  That’s what I get.  Next time I’ll just gloat when the fat lady has sung.  Sorry America. 

Still went 3-3 for the game, not too shabby.  Live to fight another day.

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