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Notre Dame to wear Irish Flag Cleats when they play Navy in Dublin


SWAGGED TO FUCKING DEATH!!!! I am a traditionalist and that’s a huge part of why I love Notre Dame, but I can’t help but love these cleats as a one time deal.  Adidas needs to release those as a regular shoe because I want to rocking these kicks next St. Paddy’s Day so badly I can taste it.


PS: That first Saturday of the college football season is going to phenomenal.  The Notre Dame vs Navy game kicks off at 8am Central Standard Time.  Start the day with an Irish coffee, and then just watch games all day.  Decent schedule for week 1 too.  ND vs Navy, Miami vs Boston College, and the headliner is Auburn vs Clemson.  Wyoming vs Texas could be a decent game too.  College Football can’t start soon enough.  I would literally skip summer if I could.


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