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June 6, 2012 1 comment


I am still on a high from last night.  Everyone doubted the Celtics all year-long, but this team just has too much heart, pride, grit, balls and togetherness.  They have UBUNTU.  Ubuntu was the 2007-08 battle cry for the Celtics. The first year of the current Celtics dynasty.  It means “I am what I am because of who we all are”.  That is the Celtics.  All of the experts before the series were saying “Who can possibly stop Lebron?” Who can possibly stop Dwayne Wade?” Well nobody can stop them one on one, but that’s not what the Celtics are about.  They are about the collective.  A total team defense.  Switching, rotating, doubling, swarming, and intimidating.  They are a  T-E-A-M, TEAM!!! The Celtics are everything that the Heat are not.  One more game to destroy the Heat and I hope that’s what they do.  Just completely and utterly destroy them.  I want a 40 point blow out.  Just go right for the throat early and leave no doubt.  Send those cowards on vacation because deep down that’s what they really want.  MIAMI DELENDA EST!!!



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