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Getting to know White Sox first round draft pick Courtney Hawkins

June 5, 2012 Leave a comment

(Mothership)–The Chicago White Sox selected high school outfielder Courtney Hawkins with the No. 13 overall pick of the MLB draft on Monday. Hawkins, who is 6-foot-2 and 210 pounds, attends Carroll High School in Corpus Christi, Tex. He was the Texas Gatorade Player of the Year. He is signed with Texas. “[The White Sox picked me] just because I just went out there and played ball,” Hawkins said. “Played as hard as I can. That’s the way I always play. I see myself as a power guy who can run, who can hit, just overall everything. Not just one tool. I can do it all. I can go play for the White Sox, get in their system and develop into a better player.” Hawkins, who was rated by Baseball America as the No. 15  overall prospect, showed off his athleticism after being selected, performing a back flip on


Alright Courtney Hawkins, you crazy bastard, I dig your style.  Looks like a good athlete. Plays baseball or something I guess.  I love the energy.  Keep doing you Courtney.


PS: Miami delenda est


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