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Derrick Rose-Titanic Mashup: Never give up

May 1, 2012 1 comment


No…don’t say your goodbyes. Don’t you give up. Don’t do it.  We’re going to get out of this…we’re going to go on and we’re going to make a long playoff run and watch them deep into June and the championship chase will be over when it’s warm outside. Not here…Not this night. Do you understand me? Bulls fans, listen to me. Rose being injured all year was the best thing that ever happened to this team.  It made them strong. It brought the team together. And I’m thankful, Bulls fans. I’m thankful. You must do me this honor…promise me you will survive….that you will never give up…not matter what happens…no matter how hopeless…promise me now, and never let go of that promise.


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Derrick Rose and Evan Turner HATE each other

April 27, 2012 Leave a comment

(Chicago Sun Times)–The Rose/Turner rivalry heated up this week when Turner was asked about finishing eighth in the Eastern Conference and playing the Bulls instead of the Heat. “That means we’re dodging the tougher team,” he told the Delaware County Times. Rose shook off Turner’s comment, but there is little question that the rivalry is for real. It started, at least publicly, in March of 2007. It was of one of the biggest games of the year, a showdown between Simeon and St. Joseph at Northwestern. Rose was regarded as the top player in the state. Turner was challenging Rose for player of the year honors. At halftime, standing near center court, Turner said “Derrick Rose ain’t [crap].” Not everyone heard it, and it didn’t seem to be directed at anyone in particular, but it was unmistakable. In the second half, Rose and Turner really went at it, jawing back-and-forth the entire time. Late in the game, Turner scored on a layup and was fouled. Before shooting the free throw, Turner turned around and said something to Rose. An official approached Turner at the line and defused the incident. Turner scored 29 points, including 20 straight during one stretch, doing his best to back up his bold words. Rose scored 29 as well, and Simeon won 74-66. After the game, Turner’s quotes raised plenty of eyebrows. “I was better than Rose,” Turner said. “With me guarding him he didn’t do much. He knows that, and I know that.”

Three things about this article.

  1. Has Evan Turner been a punk his entire life?  Like his comments about “dodging the tougher team” by playing the Bulls instead of the Heat got my attention.  I haven’t heard anyone say Evan Turner’s name since he got drafted.  If you asked me what team he was on I legit would have guessed the Shanghai Sharks.  So that’s kinda big talk for a scrub that hasn’t done shit in the league.  Then I read further down in the article and realized it was a pattern of behavior.  The “I was better than Derrick Rose” quote immediately following a game where both players scored 29 points and Rose’s team won is just asinine.  Turner isn’t even a has been, he is a never was.
  2. Is Evan Turner the dumbest guy on the planet?  The last thing the Sixers need in the world is a pissed off Derrick Rose.  I would have predicted Bulls in 6 games before those comments.  Now I think the Bulls will sweep them.
  3. Does Derrick Rose like ANYBODY in the NBA?  Legit question.  I feel like Rose hates the NBA culture as much as I do.  Rose is the only guy who seems to understand what a bunch of selfish, soft, arrogant, assholes the NBA has become.  Rose HATES Lebron.  He HATES Dwight Howard.  He HATES Rondo.  And I guess he REALLY HATES Evan Turner.  I love that about Rose.  Just a winner’s attitude.  No time for hugs and handshakes with the scum bags on the other team. He has a game to win.


This series is OVER!!! LETS DANCE!!!


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