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How many games should Dwayne Wade get suspended for his flagrant foul on Rip Hamilton?

April 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Typical effing Miami Heat.  They know the Bulls are one of the only teams standing in their way this year so D-Wade just up and blatantly assaults Rip Hamilton.  I normally wouldn’t bat an eye at something like this, but I think Wade knew exactly what he was doing.  Rip’s old boney body is literally(figuratively) held together by like duct tape, elastic bands, crazy glue and string.  There have been times this year when he got injured if someone breathed on him too hard.  This forearm shiver by Wade could have literally killed Rip.  And then come playoff time the Bulls would be once again left without a legit scoring threat at the 2-guard position. Leaving the only the Celtics and Thunder to stop the Heat.  I think this should be a minimum 10 game suspension for Wade.  Intent to injure can only be ignored by people like Brendan Shanahan.



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April 13, 2012 Leave a comment


People tell me that the Bulls beat the Heat last night.  I was too busy watching hockey, but WOOHOO!!! Fuck Lebron!!!! I mean…ho-hum just another Overtime blow out win. Suck on that 2 seed Miami.  Let’s Go Bulls!!!! Carlton, BJ Watson, Asheek, and the whole BENCHMOB!!! NUMBER ONE SEED!!! LETS DANCE!!!! #BullsBandWagon!!!



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March 15, 2012 Leave a comment


No Derrick Rose…No problem.  Lebron is such a coward he couldn’t even beat our JV point guards.  Carlton Banks > Lebron James.  It’s a great day for all of us die hard Bulls fans.  It’s days like this that all of those bandwagon fans can’t really appreciate.  Without Rose the Bulls needed big time efforts from everyone.  Noah, Sharpie-head, BJ Watson, Amir Asheek, everyone came through.  Man, that felt great.  BULLS WIN, BULLS WIN!!!!



PS: I NEED that t-shirt


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