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“I think Hester will have a bigger year than me”–Brandon Marshall

(Chicago Tribune)–“I’ve never been around a receiver, never seen a receiver who runs routes like Devin Hester does outside,” Marshall told “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on WMVP-AM 1000 on Monday. “Listen to me … He has all the skills to be a great, a Pro Bowl receiver. Not a punt returner — we all know what he can do there — but a Pro Bowl receiver. “Honestly, I think he’s going to have a bigger year than me this year. I just don’t think he’s been in an environment, a situation offensively that catered to him as a player. I think with (new quarterbacks coach) Jeremy Bates and Jay growing and maturing, I think they’ll be able to put him in a better position this year to where he can probably do damage. I’m excited about everyone else, but the person I’m more excited to see is Devin.”

Hey Brandon, it’s cool to try to pump your teammate’s tires here…but the Bears didn’t trade two draft picks for you to come in and be worse than Devin Hester.  That’s not the idea bro.  You know who the Bears need to be a Pro Bowl receiver…YOU! Jay Cutler’s BFF, 100+ catches a year, redzone target, all that shit.  That is supposed to be you.  You’re not supposed to be a decoy for Hester.  I know Marshall is a little mental, but like is he really setting the bar this low for himself?  Could he be doing it on purpose? How about a little confidence man.  This town wouldn’t know what a number one receiver looked like if one took a dump on our heads.  Be a diva.  Tell us you’re the greatest of all time and that you and Jay are going to break records and shit.  That’s what this town is thirsty for.  Not a guy that is blown away by Hester’s ability to run routes on the outside.  Clean it up Brandon.  You’re supposed to be the new Marshall in town.  Have higher aspirations than being second fiddle to a number 3 WR.



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