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David Toews to the Blackhawks…start cutting confetti!!!

September 9, 2011 Leave a comment


What’s the only thing better than one Toews on your team?…Answer: Having two Toews on your team!!! I have never seen David Toews play, but if he is half as good as his brother then he is the second best player in the NHL.  Stan Bowman is just making a mockery of the other 29 GMs.  Blackhawks dynasty set to commence.  Gas up the party busses.


PS: The Stanley Cup Parade needs to end at North Ave Beach this year.  Total booze fest beach party and they can put the stage on top of Castaways.  No Steeger to drop sick rhymes on us this time unfortunately so I think the Brothers Toews need to do “Boats & Hoes”.

PPS: Check out Sergeant Serious with the laser stare on the right in the top photo.


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