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Cutest thing you’ll see all day: 10 month old baby hears Bieber for the first time

June 5, 2012 Leave a comment

YouTube Description: “Maddie just had her hearing aids installed and she can finally hear. Her first taste of music is Justin Bieber… and she loved it!”

Honestly, has anyone ever had a different experience than this the first time they heard Justin Bieber?  I know this is pretty much how it was when I had my first Biebs experience.  Just instantaneous uncontrollable dancing.  I feel you Maddie.  Welcome to the club.  Newest Belieber on the block.  Enjoy the ride sweet girl.

PS: Umm…far be it from me to criticize someone’s cleanliness…but seriously straighten that room up girls.

PPS: Miami delenda est


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