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“Dream Team” Trailer is FAN-tastic


The NBA has been running commercials for this documentary all throughout the playoffs and I seriously can’t wait.  Watching The Dream Team in 1992 is the first time I can remember watching the Olympics.  The raw footage of those practices is sports porn.  I also can’t wait to hear the dirt about how the team didn’t want Isiah Thomas on the team.  It was the greatest team ever assembled…and Christian Laettner.  I wonder if he knew during those practices that he was never going to be a great player in the NBA.  They probably just took turns embarrassing him.  Getting off topic here though…basically this trailer gave me goosebumps.


PS: I know I have asked a lot of the Celtics already, but in the close out game tonight I would really appreciate it if they could somehow knock Lebron and Wade out.  Just murder them so they can’t play on the USA Olympic Basketball team this summer.  I am going to really struggle to root for a team with those two guys on it.  So Celtics…one more favor…sweep the legs.


PPS: Miami delenda est


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