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Group aims to have permanent settlement on Mars by 2023

(Yahoo)–It sounds like a science-fiction fantasy, but the company Mars Onesays it’s for real—and that it will really establish a settlement on the planet Mars by 2023. The privately financed Dutch company has a plan. All it needs is a lot of cash, equipment and four Mars-bound astronauts who are willing to take a one-way trip to the red planet. The idea is to first send rovers, which will stake out a good site for a settlement and then build out living units. In 2022, the crew will take a “transit habitat” for the seven-month trip to Mars and settle in to their new home. The intention is that the crew will live on the planet for the rest of their lives. Every two years after that, another group will join the settlement to populate the colony. Mars One co-founder Bas Lansdorp has a very modern approach to funding the project: media exposure. “We will finance this mission by creating the biggest media event ever around it.” He said in a company video, adding, “Everybody in the world can see everything that will happen in the preparations and on Mars.” Think of it as a “Big Brother” for outer space. Lansdorp explained to Yahoo! News, “This would be ‘real’ reality TV — adventure is automatically included, we don’t have to add fake challenges.” He added, “By sending a new crew every two years, Mars will have a real, growing settlement of humans — who would not like to follow that major event in human history?” Who, indeed? The other-worldly idea has certainly intrigued the Web. The Mars One video has received over 232,000 views on YouTube since it launched less than a week ago.


Pretty ambitious effort.  I think this is exactly what Neil deGrasse Tyson was talking about, but honestly this is the dumbest thing I have ever seen.  Who in their right minds would agree to live on Mars for the rest of their lives?  I mean just look at that proposed colony…that thing effing sucks.  Talk about tight quarters.  I don’t even think I could stand up in one of those things.  You’ve got to have absolutely nothing going on Earth if you are willing to live out your days in a Martian trailer park.  No thanks.  I feel like these guys who want to colonize Mars are like the Vikings of explorers.  Just sailing across the North Atlantic and setting up shanty ass mud huts in Greenland.  The early settlers just froze their asses off in a uninhabitable wasteland until they died off or said “eff this noise, I am headed back to Sweden“.  Then a few hundred years later Christopher Columbus lands in a Caribbean tropical paradise.  So hey nut bags, congrats on being the first people with an outer space colony, but I think I will hold out for the Bahamas of planets.


PS: The video says they want to make a “Big Brother” style show out of this space colony…how amazing will that be?  I have never seen Big Brother, but from what I understand they just have a bunch of people that they film 24/7 like the Real World.  Wackos who want to live on Mars locked in a trailer park in the middle of nowhere…that’s going to have major drams.  That’ll for sure lead to the first ever live TV murder.  It’ll be like “Lord of The Flies” meets the “Real World” meets “Star Wars”.  DVR already set.

PPS: Miami delenda est


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