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Chemical War Fare like you read about at the Euro 2012 soccer tournament

(WARSAW) –European soccer fans were warned against buying their nation’s jerseys at Euro 2012 because of toxic chemicals contained in the replica kits. “Worrying” levels of chemicals, including lead and nickel, were found in jerseys of nine competing countries, including tournament favorites Spain, Germany and the Netherlands, European consumer group BEUC said. Co-host Poland will kick off the tournament Friday wearing a jersey that “should be banned outright” from stores because its use of an organotin compound, employed to prevent sweat odor, exceeds legal limits, the body said. The Spanish and Italian jerseys were found to contain nonylphenol, a chemical so harmful that it is banned from wastewater because of its danger to the environment. “It is inexplicable that heavy metals are used in mass consumer products,” BEUC director Monique Goyens said, while demanding a review of EU legislation regarding chemicals after the jerseys were passed for manufacture. “It is clearly foul play by manufacturers to use substances harmful to both people and the environment,” she added. The jerseys of co-host Ukraine, Russia, France and Portugal also were singled out as being unfit for purchase.
I readily admit that I am an over-the-top sports fan.  Can’t watch big games in public, spend way too much time thinking about/talking about/blogging about/reading about my teams.  I have legitimate hatred for other teams and players.  My hatred runs so deep for teams like the Canucks, the Heat, and the Jets that I honestly couldn’t be friends with someone who loved those teams.  Having said that…I can’t even begin to get on soccer hooligan levels.  Selling poisonous knock-off jerseys is something I wouldn’t even dream of in my wildest fits of rage.  I wish I was that much of an evil villain, but I think that is something reserved solely for international soccer fans.  I kind of get it though.  Everyone in Europe hates everyone else.  I have been on a few trips to Europe and I don’t think I heard one person say something nice about another European nation.  They all have so much national pride and they have been fighting wars against each other since the dawn of time.  Now they can’t war on each other anymore so the only way to kick your European rivals’ asses is to beat them in soccer.  And if you’re Poland and you’re not going to beat anyone on the field you might as well poison a couple of visiting fans.  Get your points where you can I guess.
PS: Windy Citizen Sports is having a Euro 2012 bracket challenge on ESPN.  We’ve got a dozen or so entrants so far and we will be giving out a prize of some kind to the winner. Group Name: Windy Citizen Sports Password: The Chief. If you have trouble getting into the group please send me an email and I will send you an official invitation.
PPS: Miami delenda est
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