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NBA selling Dwight Howard “Loyalty” T-Shirts

(Via)–Yes, the NBA store is actually selling the shirt above – a picture of Dwight Howard with the word “loyalty” in big blue all caps letters. Because if there is one word that describes the relationship between Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic, it is loyalty!Howard himself used the word to describe why he made his decision to stay in Orlando for now, but I sure hope for the sake of the NBA and Adidas that this shirt is purely ironic. You may as well sell shirts like Brett Favre “DECISIVE”, LeBron James “CLUTCH”, or Shawn Kemp “ABSTINENT”. I can’t believe any Magic fan on the planet would actually consider buying this shirt. For that matter, Dwight’s looking a little blue on the t-shirt, and who can blame him, it’s been a stressful year! There were the reports he wanted out of Orlando, the sudden pledge to not opt out, the very public news that he wanted his coach fired, the back injury that put him out for the playoffs, the coach and GM being fired, and reports that the Magic are once again ready to trade him, bringing us absolutely full-circle (or nowhere, depending on your worldview). With another offseason of Dwight Howard Drama on the way, these shirts are sure to be hot sellers… especially once Dwight’s playing for the Brooklyn Nets next year.

Real talk time…how is Dwight Howard not on the Miami Heat yet?  He is such a natural for that squad it’s not even funny.  Just completely oblivious to the fact that his own actions have led everyone on earth to completely hate him.  If I was a Orlando Magic fan I wouldn’t want him to re-sign.  I would be PRAYING that management trade him as soon as possible so he wouldn’t be able to handcuff the organization any longer.  The guy isn’t a winner.  He isn’t even that good.  He is just a big physical freak.  His offensive shooting range is a dunk.  David Stern needs to alter the salary cap so Dwight can go to Miami and play dress up with Lebron and Wade and then still not win anything.



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