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Ok, it’s official…we live in the Soviet Union. NYC Banning “big sugary drinks”

(Newser)–Michael Bloomberg wants to boot big, sugary drinks from the Big Apple. The New York City mayor has unveiled a plan to ban the sale of any cup or bottle of sweetened drink larger than 16 ounces at restaurants, arenas, movie theaters, and street carts, reports the New York Times. The 16-ounce limit—about the size of a medium coffee—would not apply to diet drinks, fruit juices, milkshakes, or alcoholic drinks. Public health officials nationwide are “wringing their hands” about the obesity problem, but New York City “is not about wringing your hands; it’s about doing something,” Bloomberg told reporters. He denied that the ban—which would be the first of its kind in the nation—would limit consumer choices, noting that they could always buy two small drinks instead of one big one. The New York City Beverage Association, unsurprisingly, slammed the proposal, saying the city’s health department has an “unhealthy obsession with attacking soft drinks.”

I had to take my car to the mechanic today and was forced to sit in the waiting room and watch “The View”.  Probably the worst possible way to compound my grief surrounding the NBA being a complete and total fraud.  Anyways, they were talking about this story…The NYC Government is putting a ban on “large sugary drinks”.  Basically if you want to get a regular soda your are limited to 16oz.  Just unbelievable.  Basically the Government knows what’s best for all of us children.  We are fat, disgusting, slobs, who have no self-control and can’t decide on our own what to put into our bodies.  So now the government is going to limit our soda in-take.  Almost all of the women on that show were applauding this move.  Saying that it is up to the government to keep us healthy.  I mean this is as communism as it gets.  I bet even in China people can drink as much Coke as they want.  In case you didn’t know, annual sales of soft drinks have declined 5 years in a row.  Americans are becoming more health conscious and they didn’t need some group of academics and politicians to legislate healthy policy either.  American adults are smart enough to make the right decisions on our own.

One of the women compared this policy to ban large sodas to the public smoking ban. That’s like the dumbest thing I have ever heard.  I am all for the public smoking ban because I shouldn’t have to inhale second-hand smoke in a public place.  If someone else wants to smoke…more power to you.  You’re an adult and can make that decision for yourself.  The Doctor they had on the panel had the audacity to disagree with her about her comparison. Her defense was that people like her were going to have to pay for the healthcare for these fat-ass soda drinkers down the line….and that’s where it starts.  If you give a mouse a cookie, he is going to take away your soda privileges.  They should just ban everything that is dangerous. Sports…banned…you might get hurt and that costs money.  Driving…you might crash.  Reading books(internet smut)…damages your eyes and glasses are expensive.  We should just sit back and let a group of elitist figure out everything for us so we don’t hurt ourselves.  Who is John Galt?

Here is my real issue…I seldom drink soda, but the one place I do like a coke is at the movies.  And when I go to the movies I get the big 32oz keg of soda.  I am going to be in that seat for a minimum 2 hours and that garbage bag of popcorn makes me thirsty.  Limiting me to 16oz sodas will leave me parched.  So what I will probably end up doing is just buying two of the 16oz sodas, but that’s a lot to carry.  And what if it’s a full theater? I won’t be able to use two cup holders.  I’ll have to keep the on-deck soda on the floor.  Then when some other idiot gets thirsty halfway through the movie because he only got one 16oz soda he’ll get up, walk down the aisle and probably kick over mine.  You what a nightmare this is going to be?  I mean SHIT! LET MY PEOPLE GO!!!



PS: Miami delenda est


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  1. Mativy
    June 15, 2012 at 7:07 am

    Great scott! I not living in America am baffled how in the real world as distinct from a childhood fantasy you could ever of come to find such monsterously oversized drinks, 16oz is the biggest you can get here, and we think having 2 smaller sizes is variety.
    I drink copious amounts of water daily, about a gallon simetimes, but in the movies I am satisfied with my 16oz, you know why? Because that is the biggest size, and knowing no different I like almost everyone I know can live with it, it is enough. Just like how fast food businesses like McDonalds here sell their large fries in a paper cup the siz of a 12oz bottle, and people complain that is too much!
    No bloody wonder the obeisity (itself beyond believe when we think we all have weight problems; how the hell do you get to be over 200b when you are under 5’10”? Lovecraftian monsters are Aphrodite in comparison to the circus freaks that woddle and wheel chair around in the good old US of A), diabetes, and heart disease, as well as everything else is so ludicrously superlative to nature.

    Also – Communisim is a noun, you are using it as an adject, and studying Soviet sociology and being close friends with people who lived in the Soviet Union, I can tell you, no one was fat in the USSR, and bearly any Russians at all today are either. A140b, woman that is 5’7″ is considered a loughing stock over there, like much of the World.

    Angry over a thing like that.

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