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Do I even live in America anymore?: People outraged that P. Diddy’s son earned a football scholarship at UCLA

(Newser)–It goes without saying that Justin Combs, son of Sean “Diddy” Combs, doesn’t need any financial help in order to attend college, yet UCLA has awarded him a full $54,000 athletic scholarship to play on its football team starting this fall. Needless to say, outcry ensued, but the university is defending its decision, the New York Daily Newsreports. “There’s a misconception out there that somehow athletic scholarships would take away money from low-income students who need need-based aid,” a spokesman says. “That’s not the case. Athletic scholarships are awarded strictly on the basis of athletic and academic ability.” Not only is the scholarship separate from need-based financial aid, but it is not funded by taxpayers, he adds. Rather, it is funded entirely by UCLA Athletics ticket sales, private donations, corporate partnerships, and media contracts.

Somewhere along the way I stopped living in the United States and somehow ended up in some kind of alternate universe where everyone is jealous of everyone else and wealthy people evil and everything has to be fair.  It really disgusts me.  I can’t believe that people are actually complaining and bitching about Justin Combs earning a football scholarship to UCLA.  Yeah his family has money…SO WHAT?!?! Division 1 football programs don’t give out scholarships to kids that can’t play no matter who their daddy is, Puff or otherwise.  I feel like this is straight out of occupy Wall Street.  People always complain about people spoiled kids who have everything handed to them by their parents and are born rich, but this is a new low.  Now people are angry that Justin Combs earned something on his own.  He earned something his father couldn’t buy and people are basically saying that because Justin Combs grew up wealthy that he shouldn’t be allowed to earn a scholarship.  The jealousy just boggles my mind.  What is wrong with our society.  Combs easily could have been a fat kid playing video games, getting into trouble, and wrecking Bentleys everyday of the week if he wanted to.  Instead he put in hours upon hours of training, lifting, studying, and working to obtain a scholarship to a BCS football program.  I can’t believe that UCLA has to defend giving this kid a scholarship.

Just for the record, ESPN Scouts Inc rated Justin Combs as the 53rd best corner in the nation and gave him a 3-star rating.  He had offers from many BCS programs.  Here is the full scouting report from Scouts Inc:

Combs is a very quick, disciplined and reactive defender against the run and pass. Has minimal size and very good athleticism for the corner position at the major level of competition; a growth spurt with added body mass would be beneficial provided foot quickness and playing speed are not compromised. This guy is a tough customer who plays with good balance and explosion when tackling; should be productive as a special team’s coverage defender. We like his flexibility and agility; demonstrates the ability to make tight turns and mirror receivers when in zone or man coverage. Displays quick feet in his back pedal along with the ability to flip his hips smoothly; is disciplined in zone coverage showing good route awareness; is able to keep a good relationship when confronted with two receivers in his area. There is very little wasted motion when planting and breaking up on underneath throws, flashing a good closing burst to the ball; his quick break and secure tackling skills limit underneath catches to minimal yardage. Displays good toughness defending the run, using his hands effectively to ward off blockers and maintain leverage off the edge; isn’t intimidated by size and is very willing to mix it up with blockers on the corner. Combs does not appear to be an immediate starter at the BCS level of play. However if a red shirt year isn’t deemed necessary, early situational defensive playing time is not out of the question.

Love it.  Not one mention of his father.  Just describing him as a college prospect because that is exactly what he is…on his own.  Haters gonna hate, Diddy Jr gonna participate  Can’t nobody take his pride, can’t nobody hold him down. BAD BOY FOR LIFE!!!


PS: Miami delenda est


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