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Which NBA event will be more rigged tonight: Celtics-Heat Game 2 or the Draft Lottery?


If you asked what would be more rigged, Celtics-Heat or the Draft Lottery before Game 1 I would have taken Draft Lottery 1000% of the time without even thinking about it.  I mean the Draft Lottery is the most notoriously rigged scam in sports.  Knicks need saving…Well here’s Patrick Ewing.  Celtics have been good for too long and are set to draft Tim Duncan…fuck that noise…give him to the Spurs.  Bulls have been TERRIBLE since Jordan retired…well here is hometown superstar Derrick Rose…don’t worry about only have a 1.8% chance of winning the lottery.  Sticky situation in Seattle…well I will just give them Kevin Durant.  Maybe he is great enough to build momentum for a new arena in Seattle, if not Oklahoma City has a superstar to sell tickets in a brand new market.  I mean the lottery couldn’t be more rigged.  It’s all for show, but in the end David Stern picks and chooses which franchises he wants to succeed and which ones he wants to fail.  Then in years where there isn’t a franchising changing number one pick he just lets the Milwaukee Bucks win it and take Andrew Bogut.  That’s how the lottery works.

Having said all of that…I think Game 2 of Celtics-Heat might be more rigged.  The Celtics got absolutely Donaghy’d into oblivion in Game 1.  How do you explain four technical fouls in a game that looked like a Sunday stroll?  You can’t.  Even Stephen A. Smith went on record saying how it was obvious that the NBA told the officials to call technical fouls on the Celtics.  Doc Rivers got a technical foul for saying “C’mon”.  That’s it.  The NBA wanted to make sure the Celtics couldn’t use emotion and heart to beat Miami because that is probably the only area that the Celtics have a distinct advantage in the series.  The Celtics feed off of that energy so by not allowing Boston to play with that emotion they essentially handcuffed them.  The Celtics can’t play with inside voices.  The NBA looks more and more like the WWE every day than actual competition.  Lebron James is the NBA’s biggest star so David Stern wants him to win a championship.  It’s not good for marketing if the best and most recognizable player in the league is a fucking loser who everyone outside of the yuppies on South Beach HATES.  Stern is probably thinking that if he can pave the way for Lebron to win a Championship on his pussy all-star team that he had to form because he couldn’t win on his own that everyone will stop calling him a loser and buy more jerseys or whatever.  Well fuck that noise.  The Heat are bad for America.  If that bunch of fake-tough, selfish, arrogant, prima donna, flopping, hipster, dress-up, douche bags is given a championship by Stern I will never watch the NBA again.  As God as my witness I will watch The Bachelorette or Softball or Guatemalan Women’s badmitten before I watch another second of an NBA game.  YOU CALL THIS GAME FAIR STERN!!!




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  1. mike
    May 30, 2012 at 8:41 pm

    totally rigged. Bribery and corruption rule the nba. Led by the despot dictator david stern. Called it before the lottery. I was 100 percent sure hornets would win.. And here we are. Power and money corrupt.

  2. James
    May 31, 2012 at 12:00 am

    Youre right on every thing but the supersonics weren’t given Kevin durant , the blazers had the opportunity to take him

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