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Donaghy’d into Oblivion Part Deux: Celtics vs Heat


Totally legal to rake a guy across the face.  Biggest spot in the game and the Heat get away with murder…weird.  Not to mention that Lebron is allowed to flat rape guys when playing post defense.  Lebron is allowed to climb all over KG and Pierce after they establish position on the block.  It’s pretty easy to be first team all defense when the rules don’t apply to you and you can stop just short of murder without getting a foul called on you.  It’s a complete joke.  The Celtics earned that game.

Even on the final drive when Wade hit the and-1…did KG foul him…absolutely…did Wade initiate contact by throwing his leg into KG and thus making it an offensive foul…you bet…did it get called…no chance in hell.  Then that little bitch stares down KG like the fake tough little bitch he is.  Now this shit is going back to Boston.  Hopefully that means the refs will only spot Miami 10 points at the start of every game as opposed to the 20 they got in Games 1 and 2.

I don’t even know why I get so emotional about the NBA.  It’s pure fiction.  I am watching “Lost” now on DVD.  Great show, high drama…but I don’t get all bent out of shape every time Ben fucks the island’s world up.  Nope…because it’s fiction.  Same as the NBA.  Pure fiction.  Just David Stern predetermining the outcome before it even starts.  Unbelievable.

Having said that…I am not ready to give up.  This shit is coming back to Boston and the Celtics will be at their best.  If nothing else I think they proved that they can win a game in Miami by their performance tonight.  Now they just need to hold serve at home. The Garden will be rocking and it will be a full on Donnybrook of a bar fight.  No more dunks, no more lay-ups, no more bullshit.  Just going to make these fake tough assholes stand and fight.  Beat the Heat like they’ve stolen something…because they have.  #CelticsForAmerica!!!!


Thanks to @chisportsaddicts for sending me the pic



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