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Olympic Track and Field Star Lolo Jones says keeping virginity is the hardest thing she has done in her life

(LA Times)–It’s just something, a gift that I want to give to my husband,” she says during the interview, which you can see below. “But please understand this journey has been hard. If there’s virgins out there, I just want to let them know, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Harder than training for the Olympics, harder than graduating from college, has been to stay a virgin before marriage.” Today, Jones is being hailed on Twitter as a “model,” and her admission is likely to reignite the debate about the importance of chastity. (Want to bet that nearly all of that debate will focus on women, not men?) But some are also questioning the claim that holding on to that chastity is harder than training for the gold. There’s no shortage of guys who want to help her fix that “problem,” she says. “I’ve been tempted. I’ve had guys tell me, they’re like, ‘Hey you know if you have sex it will help you run faster.'” She joked that her response has been: “If you marry me, then yeah.” Apparently that sends guys sprinting for the door. Let’s wrap this up with a bold prediction: It probably won’t be long before someone puts a ring on that girl-next-door gorgeousness and ripped physique. Jones says she’s had no luck with dating services, but we suspect that telling all on “Real Sports,” becoming the single most-searched-for term on Google this morning, and perhaps taking center stage (not to mention some jewelry) at the London Olympics will bring out the eligible bachelors.

Really Lolo, that’s the hardest thing you have ever done?  I can think of something that I did that was probably a billion times harder…losing my virginity.  Try being 5’2″ at 16 years-old and then spending the rest of your High School career going through the most awkward 10 inch growth spurt you can imagine.  Yeah, welcome to my nightmare baby.  The fact that I lost it at all is kind of heroic.  They should put me on a Wheaties box.  The fact that she thinks keeping her virginity is harder than her Olympic training kind of scares me.  How hard could she possibly be training if that is the case?  I don’t have sex basically every day of my life.  It sucks, but I wouldn’t say it’s “hard”.

I also have to question her patriotism and dedication a little.  That line about having sex making her run faster…that’s not just a great line from a guy wanting to have sex with her…that’s science. Lolo is just so naive.  You know Lolo, when you get old you realize that life is this game of inches.  So is track and field. Because in either game, life or track, the margin for error is so small. I mean one half step too late or to early you don’t quite make it. One half second too slow or too fast and you don’t quite catch it. The inches we need are everywhere around us. They are in ever break of the race, every minute, every second. I’ll tell you this…in any fight it is the girl who is willing to have sex who is going to win that inch. And I know if I am going to have any life anymore it is because, I am still willing to fight, and have sex for that inch because that is what LIVING is. The six inches in front of your face. Now I can’t make you do it. You gotta look at the guy next to you. Look into his eyes. Now I think you are going to see a guy who will go that inch with you. You are going to see a guy who will sacrifice himself for this country because he knows when it comes down to it, you are gonna do the same thing for him. That’s a team, Lolo, and either we have sex now, as a team, or we will fail as individuals. That’s the Olympics Lolo. That’s all it is. So what’s it gonna be Lolo?  What’s more important to you, God or Country?

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  1. Cara
    May 24, 2012 at 9:38 am

    Haha, the difference is she has the opportunity to have sex, has the desire to also. But she has to work HARD at saying no. Having the opportunity and refusing is the hard part. Wanting it but not having the opportunity , while sucky, is totally different. 😛

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