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Iowa man arrested for drunk driving with Zebra and Parrot in the car

(HuffPo)–Police in Dubuque, America, stopped 56-year-old Jerald Reiter, from Iowa, for drink driving – possibly after noticing he had a zebra and a parrot riding in the front seat next to him. His girlfriend Vickey Teters said they owned four zebras as well as other animals. “They love going for rides. They’re just a part of a family here.. These are our kids, they come in the house, we take them for walks, we take them for car rides,” she said. She added she was “surprised” by the attention her boyfriend was getting but added “it’s not everyday you see someone with a zebra and parrot in a house.” Officers gave Reiter a field sobriety test and charged him with drunken driving. Reiter disputes the arrest. He says he was about to let a passenger – a person – begin driving.

I have read this story a few times and I honestly don’t know what Jerald Reiter did wrong here.  Bro just wanted a night out on the town and rolled out with his crew.  His crew just happens to be a parrot and a zebra.  They decided to chill in the car while Jerald got rocked in the bar.  No harm in that.  A bunch of jealous haters called the cops because they wish they had a Zebra and a parrot in their crew.  A drunk Jerald decides to go home and a cop arrests him for drunk driving before he even gets into the car.  How is that fair?  Jerald even said that he was going to let a passenger drive.  Which probably means the Zebra was the DD that night.  That seems like the more responsible choice.  I am not mad at Jerald.  Really don’t know what he could have done differently.  If I were a lawyer I would be volunteering to help Jerald avoid these trumped-up charges.  #FreeJerald.



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