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Proper punishment for the Heat’s thuggery


So everyone is all up in arms about the Heat’s gutless cheap shots from last night and rightfully so.  It was just quintessential Miami Heat basketball.  Cry to the media about the Pacers playing physical and then go out and intentionally assault people. Many NBA fans are comparing this play to Artest’s hit on Harden.  They are saying that it is worse and that he should be suspended at least 7 games.  I agree with them, it is worse. Artest can at least plead insanity.  Pittman knew what he was doing and proved it with that little wink.  Tom Waddle said on the radio that Pittman should be suspended for the duration of the playoffs.  Well…eff that noise.  I wouldn’t suspend Pittman at all.  You really want to punish the Heat? Make Dexter Pittman play for 48 minutes.  That guy sucks.  If the Heat want to play a goon, well then David Stern should make the Heat play that goon like Lionel Richie….All Night Long.  He can’t foul out and every foul after 6 is automatically a shooting foul and the Pacers retain possession.  Boom.  Done.  That’s how you do supplementary discipline.  Hey Shanahan, tell me how my ass tastes.


PS: One game for Haslem

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