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Pretty sure this is a billion dollar idea. Introducing The Scorzie

(Thrillist)–Drinking games are a fine line: keep score too seriously, and you’ll be labeled a total jabroni, but if you don’t care at all, people will think you went to a liberal arts school. Walk the line at your summer barbecue with Scorzie: a stainless steel-shelled, foam-padded beer koozie that snugly fits most normal-sized cans & bottles and helps you keep tabs on whatever boozy competition you’re embroiled in via color-coded rotating snap rings that’ll track both your and your opponent’s scores all the way up to 21. This makes them terrible for tallying bowling results, but ideal for all manner of summer-ready outdoor games, from Cornhole, to Washers, to Ladderball, to something called “Irish Skittles”, which when taken too seriously, results in you being labeled a real O’Toole.

I feel like what we have here in the Scorzie is the greatest progression in keeping score since bowling figured out how to do automatic electronic scoring.  History’s greatest invention come from necessity and simple adaptations to existing products.  Sliced bread and the iPhone are now welcoming the Scorzie to their ranks.  People have to booze, people have to compete, and people NEED an easy way to keep score when they are too intoxicated to just remember.  Take me for example…when I am playing bags the only thing I rack up quicker than points is empty beer cans.  I just get in the zone and I can’t even figure out how badly I am annihilating the competition.  I feel like I have probably had a close game because people have taken advantage of that fact.  In comes the Scorzie, keeping my beer cool and my blowouts intact.  The Scorzie, so simple, yet so brilliant.  American ingenuity at its absolute finest.


PS: I love how the Scorzie website tells you all the things you can use it for…



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