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London Art Gallery opening “Invisible Art” Exhibit

(Telegraph)–London’s Hayward Gallery will gather together 50 ”invisible” works by leading figures such as Andy Warhol, Yves Klein and Yoko Ono for its display of works you cannot actually see. It is thought to be the first such exhibition staged at a major institution in the UK. Gallery bosses say the £8 a head exhibition demonstrates how art is about ”firing the imagination”, rather than simply viewing objects. Invisible: Art about the Unseen 1957 – 2012 opens on June 12 and includes an empty plinth, a canvas of invisible ink and an unseen labyrinth. It includes work and documents from French artist Klein who pioneered invisible works in the late 1950s with his concept of the ”architecture of air”. ”This exhibition highlights that art isn’t about material objects, it’s about setting our imaginations alight, and that’s what the artists in this show do in many varied ways.”

I fully admit that I am just a simpleton blogger and I don’t get art. Having said that, if you pay 1 cent to see this exhibit you’re a fucking moron. If you hand over $16 to look at nothing then you should be stoned to death. End of discussion. Boy am I ever in the wrong line of work. I get up early every morning to write blogs and find interesting stories/videos hoping to build up enough of an audience to squeeze a few nickels out of this blog….I am an idiot. I should have been an invisible art dealer. Just hand over priceless works of nothing to people. Sure you can have this original Claude Monet, it’s his unstarted and unthought of Botanical Garden. People will buy it, for its money they have and common sense they lack. Hell, actually I really shouldn’t limit myself to just invisible art. I could be a pimp for invisible prostitutes. Oh you want a girl that looks like Kate Upton…how about three of them?. I could sell blank CDs. This is a recording of what the music sounded like to Mozart. I’ll let you have for $10,000. Corner the invisible real estate market. This ocean front mansion on the top of Kilimanjaro can be yours for just $1.2 million…ok ok, you drive a hard bargain, a million even. Just be a one man invisible conglomerate. Yep, I can see it now.


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  1. mab
    May 24, 2012 at 7:39 am

    Haha. Very clever

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