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Turkish Villagers capture Israeli Spy. Wait, nevermind it was just a dead bird

(Mirror)–Turkish villagers handed a dead bird into ­authorities because they thought it was an Israeli spy. Residents’ suspicions were aroused when the bird, a common European bee-eater, was discovered with a metal ring around its leg stamped “Israel”. They called the police after deciding its nostrils were unusually large and may have carried a microchip fitted by Israeli intelligence for spying. It was taken to government experts for examination and declared safe. The regional office of the Turkish agriculture ministry examined the colourfully plumed corpse and assured residents of the village, near the city of Gaziantep, that it was common practice to fit a ring to migratory birds in order to track their movements. The Society for Protection of Nature in Israel later confirmed the bird’s serial number as being legitimate. An official at the ministry said it took some effort to persuade local police that the little bee-eater posed no threat to national security.

Oh sure Turkish Government, whatever you say…totally not a spy.  Definitely just a dead bird.  Nothing to see here.  Perfectly normal for birds to have metal rings on their legs stamped “Israel”.  You guys totally weren’t infiltrated by Israeli spies or anything like that….umm BULLSHIT.  This is 100% Mossad at work here. Black Ops like you read about.  This spy was just hiding in plain sight.  Blending in, doing normal bird stuff, but really he is decimating the Turkish bee population and collecting valuable intelligence.  Probably taking satellite photos and eaves dropping on conversations.  The Turkish government is trying to save face and keep the population calm by telling everyone it’s just your everyday dead bird, but they have to running scared.  They finally capture a member of the Mossad and he up and kills himself to avoid questioning/torture.  Gotta hand it to the Jews. Always one step ahead.


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  1. mab
    May 23, 2012 at 11:47 am

    Hahahaha. too funny

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