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Former Gonzaga Star Adam Morrison looking pretty healthy

(NJ.com)– “I guess the toughest thing is, I guess, the athletic ability,’’ Morrison said when asked why he’s had so much trouble sticking with a team in the NBA. “And I understand I’m never going to shake being a ‘bust’ or being a failure in some people’s eyes. I’ve experienced a lot of highs in basketball so I guess you could call it a hardship but it’s really not. I get to play basketball for money. That’s pretty good.’’ Morrison chatted for a few minutes during a break with Williams, who worked out at the Nets facility (wearing the new Brooklyn Nets gear, it should be noted) and who stayed to watch the players scrimmage. “I came in probably about a month or two after he left,’’ Morrison said of Williams and Besiktas. “So we talked a little bit about the experience. You know, they retired his jersey over there so it’s kind of weird seeing ‘Deron Williams.’ He played there for a month or whatever.’’


Hey Adam, I think it’s great that you’re trying to get back to the NBA, but you need a serious job interview seminar.  This tryout was an interview bro.  100 times out of a 100 if two guys are equal candidates for a job the employer is going with the guy who took a shower that day.  It’s interviewing 101.  Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.  Morrison is dressed like works at a truck stop.  He just has to be better prepared to answer questions too.  Employers always ask what your biggest weaknesses are.  If you are applying for a job in the NBA it’s probably not a good idea to tell people that your biggest weakness is being an athlete.  That’s like an account saying that he struggles with basic math skills.  Sorry bro, but I just don’t think the NBA is a good fit for you.  I hear the Chinese league is hiring.  That’s probably a perfect environment for Morrison.  Hygiene isn’t as big of a deal over there and the competition isn’t as good.  He can just play some hoops, make some cash, and then head right back to the opium den.

PS: That 2006 draft has to be one of the worst in NBA history.  Just a who’s who of nobodies.  Rajon Rondo the only great player to be selected that year.

PPS: If Anthony Davis gets selected by Jordan does it mean that he sucks?


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