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Casey Anthony being sued by Zanny The Nanny. Wait…she’s real?

(Daily Mail)–America’s most hated mother Casey Anthony has been found ten months after she went into hiding following her sensational acquittal over the murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee. The 26-year-old, who has been vilified by the public after a jury found her not guilty despite a string of inconsistencies in her trial defence, was served a court order for a defamation case. She will now face a judge again in connection with the controversial murder probe after investigators staked out her hideout in Florida and served her with a subpoena. She is being sued by Zenaida Gonzalez, who shares the name of a fake babysitter ‘Zanny the Nanny’ who Anthony initially told police had kidnapped Caylee. Anthony admitted fabricating that story. It later emerged that Anthony, whose acquittal last July has been compared to the infamous OJ Simpson case, did not know anyone by that name and the real Miss Gonzalez is not even a nanny. Now Miss Gonzalez is suing her after claiming she lost her job and apartment due to the association with the disappearance of Caylee, whose body was found in woods near Anthony’s home in 2008. After initially sticking by the claim that the kidnapper had been kidnapped, Anthony’s lawyers then insisted at the start of the trial that Caylee had accidentally drowned in the family’s swimming pool. It is this primary Inconsistency in her story that has sparked public outrage in the case and forced the defendant into hiding after her release from Orange County Jail.


Admittedly, I paid zero attention to the whole Casey Anthony thing as it was going on.  I avoid real news basically at all costs.  I didn’t listen to one second of the coverage until all of America lost their shit about the verdict.  Supposedly there was all kinds of evidence stacked against Casey Anthony, but I only needed to hear one thing to know that she was guilty.  She said her nanny’s name was Zanny. I just always thought that this Zanny the nanny couldn’t possibly be real.  I am not a lawyer, but to me that was the essence of the case.  Like Casey just got caught off guard and said the first thing that came to her mind like Dwight with his Dentist, Dr. Crentist. Now this mystery nanny is coming out of the woodwork to sue Casey Anthony for defamation.  If she wasn’t making up Zanny’s existence maybe there’s more to this case than meets the eye.  I don’t know what to believe anymore.


PS: No comment on how hot Casey Anthony looks in that picture above.  It’s not appropriate.



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