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Aroldis Chapman arrested for speeding at 93 MPH

(SunTimes)–General manager Walt Jocketty and manager Dusty Baker met with Chapman following a 4-1 win over Atlanta on Monday night to get details of the pitcher’s arrest, which they didn’t know about before the game. Police in the Columbus suburb of Grove City emailed The Associated Press a copy of an arrest report showing the 24-year-old reliever was stopped after radar clocked him going 93 mph on northbound Interstate 71 shortly before 1 a.m. on Monday. That was a few hours after Chapman moved to the front of the competition for the closer’s job by finishing a 5-2 win over the Yankees in New York on Sunday for his first save of the season and the second of his career. “I don’t know what happened,” Baker said after the meeting with Chapman. “He got a speeding ticket. It can happen to anybody. His people are taking care of it, and we’re helping.” The arrest report said Chapman was seen speeding at 12:40 a.m. When police stopped him, they found he had a suspended Kentucky driver’s license. He was arrested and photographed, then released on bond. He has a court appearance scheduled for June 6.

Cubs division rival, Chapman, arrested blah blah blah.  Real talk time…has anybody ever nailed a mug shot better than Aroldis Chapman?  He looks swagged to fucking death.  I don’t know what it is, but it just works for him.  I kind of feel that this should just be his look going forward.  Kind of like Flava Flav’s giant clocks.  It’s also a personalized item.  Nobody else has that ID number.  That shit is one of a kind.  Grove City Bitch.

PS: If I am Chapman I am at least trying this defense…

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