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Redneck Granny says she isn’t racist. She loves all people…even n*ggers

Whoa whoa whoa, hold the phone Granny.  You mean to tell me that there is a Miss Black America contest that us whities can’t compete in?  Well that is about as racist as it gets.  Just a complete double standard.  Someone get the Reverend Al Sharpton of White people to start a boycott immediately.  We have rights too.

I honestly can’t even believe that I live in the same country as these people.  This redneck granny…her vote counts the exact same as mine.  How is that possible?  And people wonder why our country is in such bad shape.  Here is what I propose…Granny and other American morons still get to vote.  This is America, everyone should have the right to vote.  However…we should all have to take a test.  Then Granny can get her one vote and I can get like 5 or 10 or something.  I think I am probably at least 10x smarter than this woman so that seems pretty fair.  I just can’t believe she went on that rant and then concluded it by saying she isn’t a racist and that she is a christian who loves everyone.  Umm Granny…you just told us how you dropped the n-bomb right in a black woman’s face and said that she deserved it because she called your daughter a honky.  Umm…that’s not exactly eye for an eye.  I don’t even know how honky or cracker or any of those terms are considered racist.


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