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I NEED this Beagle and weird baby pig dream team in my life

Sweet baby Jesus!!! Talk about a cuddle factory.  I am probably in the minority here, but I think baby pigs are about the cutest animal in the game.  There is just something about them.  All spry and full of wonderment.  Gotta love this video.  Dogs just getting along and playing with every animal.  Dogs don’t discriminate based size, shape, or species.  They just want a pal to play with.  Everyone’s best friend.  Most popular kid on the block. Just giving love like it’s their job.  I mean if ever there was an animal a dog was going to shun it would probably be this guy.  The little runt that looks like a leopard, cow, pig, hybrid and trying to steal his ball.  A cat would scratch this pigs eyes out and then tell him that he did him a favor because now he doesn’t have to look at himself in the mirror.  Dogs just ruling the day.  Loving everyone and everything.

Meanwhile just to introduce a cat to a kitten you need a 12 step process


Cat on cat crime.  So sad.  It’s probably been going on like this forever.  One cat was mean to a little innocent kitten so that when the kitten grew up it didn’t know any better.  Just the scum of the animal kingdom.



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